thanksforstoppingby's Photo Album

Uhh, yeah... he's dead. I feel really guilty about it, so.  
The amazing-ness swells within the inner dephts of the morbid roots of the hair that hangs slickly on the scalp.  
I like Landmine Boy. He's smart. And I like District 3. And Beetee. And Wiress. And everything about them. Except District 3 Tribute Girl. Bleh. Plus everything will load faster if I don't use a GIF.  
She's the stick thin one, Teagz! Large smile and this is crap quality, how about I give you the link too? Don't leave any trace of seeing it though - I'll die.  
Sentimental ako eh. Ewan ko ba. =)) Akala ko, it will brighten my day if /someday,/ I'll be a featured member. But people barely gave a fuuuuuuck. So yeah. It's either people in real life or interwebz. I pick real life.  
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