Pyrolysia's Photo Album

May and Mei X3  
This is a scarab beetle I drew a while ago :3 last year I think :3 Oh, and that blue blotch is just to blotch out my name. :/  
This is a black print of a heron that I made. ^_^  
This is a hyena I drew, but its a picture of it before it was finished, I couldn't find a picture of the finished piece. That's why his chest is all blank. :/ ill try to upload a picture of him finished ^_^  
Linkachu, dramatically riding eponyta off into the sunset  
For you, Boring_life :3  
Simon and Marcy guys omg :,(  
I'm just like so excited or whatever about adventure time right now. :/  
aaassdfghjkl I love adventure time :3  
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