Ilovehimwithallmyheartx3's Photo Album

He iz a real good singer  
My Besties Lolz all me and my besties  
One of my besties domonique in front brittany in the back round we wuzs in gym in the locker room getin ready to go to ninth peroid or we wuzs just walkin in to the locker room to get changed for eighth period  
Me when i was on my ay to like my 5th or 4th grade choir consert so cutie lolz  
My lil sis (The Baby) and r parents arent marred but i think of her as my sis (The girl holdin my lil sis she is 17 years old)  
Me LOLZ :P  
My Baby Cuzen (3) wearin my sunglasses lolz I luv him  
Me and D BFFLS For Life  
Im irish  
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