Relatable or not? (Quotes and sayings)

Relatable or not? (Quotes and sayings)

by: Angeloflight99

There are so many quotes and sayings out there. I am a huge fan of inspirational quotes and often my profile has one, either on my theme or on my profile image. They brighten up my day and some are so relatable! I'll pick my favourite quotes and you choose whether they're relatable or not. :)

  1. 1

    'That awkward moment when you've been waiting a really long time to say something and can't remeber what it is.'

  2. 2

    'Sometimes I feel like giving up but then I remeber all of them haters I need to prove wrong.'

  3. 3

    Falls in love with a boy I know will play the hell out of me

  4. 4

    'That mini heart attack when you miss a step on the stairs.'

  5. 5

    'That awkward moment when the dentist asks you a question and he has his hands in your mouth.'

  6. 6

    'I'm not arguing. I'm simply explaining why I'm right.'

  7. 7

    'Don't make me mad and then tell me to calm down. That's like shooting someone and then wondering why they're bleeding.'

  8. 8

    'That moment when people take your joke seriously and start a argument.'

  9. 9

    'I want the job where you push scared skydivers out of planes.'

  10. 10

    Opens pack of gum BAM. 1 million people are your bestfriend.'

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