What is the right place to be in? ---Gender Rights

by: CoveredNbeautiful

This is for qc25
and i beg for 2 things this time
first of all: dont dismiss this page UNTIL you rate. :P
secondly: no copying of idea . (lol, just being careful :P )
so hope you enjoy this quiz. although it is short. ^_^
note: these are the problems occurring at my country .

  1. 1

    Women's studies not being cared about coz they have no future

  2. 2

    Girls always in the kitchen

  3. 3

    Men on the jobs, with no holiday.

  4. 4

    Men always taking their women to places, and working as drivers, kept burdening coz they are ''men''

  5. 5

    Men always in sports team or masculine classes.

  6. 6

    Women always inside the house, cleaning it.

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