Beatle Stories Ideas :3

by: Live_Love_Lennon

Ok. So I have a coupla story ideas, and I wanted to know which one you guys thought I should write. :) Just pick your favorite plot, and then choose which Beatle you want to hear a story about the most. :D

**I will start posting whatever choice later, I'm gonna finish up Baby It's You first.

  1. 1

    John stories. Pick your fave. 8)

  2. 2

    Paul stories. Pick your fave. :)

  3. 3

    George stories. Pick your fave. -_-

  4. 4

    Ringo stories. Pick your fave. :D

  5. 5

    Other Beatles stories :3 (I know, I know!)

  6. 6

    Which category do you want the most?

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