Do she like me?!?!

by: lezforlife97

Im a bi/lez girl and have loved this girl for over 8 months.

  1. 1

    This girl goes to my school and she knows I like her because everyone went and told her and ever since then (when none of her mates are around) she does wierd and cute things towards me

  2. 2

    We had production together and there was this little stair set and t was easy AS to walk down and we wr da nly 2 left nd she grbd my shldrs hrd as and walked me down the stairs.....and on the flat

  3. 3

    she really doesnt like me as a mate coz we hardly ever talk

  4. 4

    no one else was around and looking at her on the courts and me nd ma bestie walk past and she does the sup head nod nd strts bnding backwards and frwrds nd grins when I smile and kinda wink

  5. 5

    shes always looking at me and she often looks really sad before she see's me but after she sees me she starts staring and grinnin like mad

  6. 6

    once at skewl she thort only I was there so when she turned around she dis this SEXY AS! wink to me and saw my mate and strted blushing like mad then left the room

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