Would you rather... [Christmas Edition]

by: Special

Would you rather...

  1. 1

    Be boiled alive in a pot of boiling eggnog or be pelted with stone-hard fruitcake till you died.

  2. 2

    Get strangled by Christmas lights or be burried alive in snow and forgotten

  3. 3

    Choke to death on smores or have flaming chesnuts be put down your pants

  4. 4

    Have 20 pound weights tied to your legs and dropped into a freezing lake or be wrapped with christmas lights and thrown into a holiday bonfire.

  5. 5

    Have a christmas tree fall on you and squish you to death or be trampled on by a reindeer

  6. 6

    Have your eyes gouged out by a pair of wrapping scissors or have your hands cut off by a saw mill

  7. 7

    Get suffocated with a christmas stocking or have your head bashed in by heavy christmas presents

  8. 8

    Get run over by a horse-drawn sleigh or go down a chimney that has a blazing fire (doors to fireplace are locked shut)

  9. 9

    Get boiled alive in boiling hot cookie dough or get cut with cookie cutters than bathed in alcohol

  10. 10

    Have Frosty the Snowman stab you to death or have Santa blow you up with TNT

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