Super Smash Brothers Brawl!!!

Super Smash Brothers Brawl!!!

by: LullabyMaterial

Do you play SSBB? No? Then why are you taking my survey?!

  1. 1

    Do you play Super Smash Brothers Brawl, for Wii?

  2. 2

    Did you ever play Super Smash Brothers, for N64?

  3. 3

    Who was your favorite character on the N64 version of Super Smash Bros?

  4. 4

    Ok, here's a question with a lot of answers. Who's your fav character on the new SSBB?

  5. 5

    Do you play SSBB online?

  6. 6

    Are you a boy or girl?

  7. 7

    When you see another player playing a male character, do you automatically assume that the player is a boy?

  8. 8

    Do you like the new SSBB for Wii or the old SSB for N64?

  9. 9

    What does it mean to bob up and down?

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