Can you relate?

Can you relate?

by: ThrillerRideKiss

I really love the Can You Relate quizzes on Quotev, so I decided to make one on here (Even if there's no pictures)

  1. 1

    Can you relate: That moment when you say, "just kidding." But you're actually serious.

  2. 2

    Can you relate: How I end a class presentation, "So... Umm... Yeah..."

  3. 3

    Can you relate: Laughing so hard no noise comes out, so you sit there clapping like a retarded seal.

  4. 4

    Can you relate: No I will not share my iPad with you. It's an iPad, not an usPad.

  5. 5

    Can you relate: In your bed, it's 6 AM. You close your eyes for 5 min and it's 7:30. In School, it's 1:30. You close your eyes for 5 min and it's 1:30.

  6. 6

    Can you relate: That awkward moment when you're the first on at the lunch table and you look like a loner.

  7. 7

    Can you relate: The moment when you're laughing so hard and you try to stop. But you look at the person and laugh again.

  8. 8

    Can you relate: During a math test, Me: my answer = 38. Answer choices: 62, 70, 65, 59. Me: Well 38 is closest to 59 so that must be the answer.

  9. 9

    Can you relate: When I don't know the name of a song, I type all the words I know into Google and hope for the best.

  10. 10

    Can you relate: That awkward moment when you're late for class, and when you walk in, everyone stares at you like you killed someone.

  11. 11

    Can you relate: When I get the answer correct and the smart kid didn't and I'm feeling like a boss.

  12. 12

    Can you relate: Admit it, you've tried to balance the light switch in the middle between on and off at least one time in your life.

  13. 13

    Can you relate: First day of school, 30 pencils, 64 crayons, 20 pens, 12 rulers, 10 notebooks. Middle of March, one pencil you found on the ground.

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