Must read! For all people I send this to please read! It's not dumb!

by: LurvlyMurffins

hey! Okay, here's the deal I've been making a lot of quizzes lately and mostly they are for girls.

So first fact, guys I'm sorry if I annoy you.

next I keep getting mail that asks me not to send them a quiz series because they don't like it. And I would love to, but I have so many friends and it's kinda hard to go threw them all when I could just click "send quiz invitation to all friends". And then all you have to do is delete it when you get it. kk? Hope you don't hate me =(

  1. 1

    did you read intro?

  2. 2

    I'm really sorry, I feel like a moron. It's just alot easier this way. =) ♥

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