does he like me ? (HELP EMERGENCY HERE)

by: Xx_Emi_xX

lets see im im madly inlove with a guy and i do not know if he feels the same or just likes me if you know the guy please tell (the name is JOSHUA BAILEY)
also if you know his number please give it to me i lost my copy of it

  1. 1

    when i want to talk to him he focuses on me only what does that mean ?

  2. 2

    he always stares right into my eyes and i do the same what does that mean ?

  3. 3

    now he has a GF and yeah ... but all the time her friends come up to me and rub their relationship on my face he comes and says to stop bothering me or else what does that mean ?

  4. 4

    he is my best guy friend and only guy friend he always cares about me all the time

  5. 5

    on our last field trip he saw me crying cuzi saw him kiss his GF and he went and left her to see me he didnt know why i was crying though

  6. 6

    when i was skating on a field trip and i almost fell he catched me and i was really close to his face a like just 2 inches he blushed and i did too

  7. 7

    i was alone one time and suddenly he was there behind me while i was reading twilight and said in my ear TWILIGHT SUCKS and i said no it doesnt and he smiled at me

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