entertainment vs. entertainment, #2

by: ozoneman

2 of 8 in entertainment 2 take num 1 to if ya want. secontin 1 is music. 2 is tv, 3 actors,4 is movies, 5 is sports, 6 is life,7 is video games, 8 is the final showdown with everything ( evern stuff from num 1!) vs. everything in the untament avent. this ones so big theres 8 parts. it truely be everthing vs everthing

  1. 1

    gwen vs owen

  2. 2

    x-files & csi vs nypd blue & lie to me team death match

  3. 3

    spoge bob vs fairly odd parents vs naruto texas caged n animated

  4. 4

    30 rock vs my name is earl vs office texas caged and funny on thursday

  5. 5

    american idol vs america gots talent

  6. 6

    super bowl commercails this year vs every other comircil group war

  7. 7

    naked brothers band show vs hanna montana show

  8. 8

    kids choice awards vs peoples choice awards

  9. 9

    barney & south park vs teletubies & family guy team death match

  10. 10

    suit life of zack and cody vs suit life of zack and cody on deck

  11. 11

    liz lemon vs timmy turner vs pam vs patrick star texas cage match

  12. 12

    time warp & wrekreation nation vs myth busters & storm chasers team death match

  13. 13

    homer vs peter

  14. 14

    icarly vs. fred

  15. 15

    west wing vs. phinese and ferb

  16. 16

    LEO LITTLE'S big SHOW vs mike's super short show vs the realy short report vs. disney 365 vs. tastey times with zufron a short cage match

  17. 17

    colbert & jhon stewart & jay leno vs S.N.L. & connor obrain comdy world war

  18. 18

    the sapronos vs. friday night lights

  19. 19

    opera vs dr. phil vs the doctors talk show cage match in texas

  20. 20

    boo bahs vs 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 neucleur boms that have been shown on tv

  21. 21

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