random jonas, celeb stuff!!

by: princessmimi

hey pplz, i hope u enjoy my quiz!

  1. 1

    hi i am back, did u miss me?

  2. 2

    did u hear nick jonas broke up w/ selena gomez?

  3. 3

    what would u do if michael jackson came up 2 u and wanted a hug?

  4. 4

    what is ur fave part of christmas?

    Please select all that apply.

  5. 5

    which is better?

  6. 6

    did u know that kevin jonas was one of da winners of people's magazine. sexiest guys under 25?

  7. 7

    wyr live a long, miserable life or a very awesome short life where EVERY FANTASY COMES TRUE EVEN DA SEXY ONES! ;)*

  8. 8

    wyr c michael jackson's hair on fire on youtube or his face melting on youtube

  9. 9

    which show would u rather b on?

  10. 10

    wyr live in beverly hills or manhattan?

  11. 11

    which movie is better?

  12. 12

    which movies r better?

  13. 13

    who's better?

  14. 14

    which band is more cooler?

  15. 15

    wyr b skinny but ugly or fat but gorgeous?

  16. 16

    omg!! i c da jobros!!

  17. 17

    what should i get my bff 4 christmas?

  18. 18

    but i only have $20 bucks! :(

  19. 19

    if u met ur celeb crush and u like him alot and he does 2 but he wants 2 do it w/ u, would u do it?

  20. 20

    random time;christmas edition!!

  21. 21

    man u made my pet marshallow sad!

  22. 22

    i am going 2 jingle ball concert 2nite!!

  23. 23

    did i happen 2 mention that jesse mccartney, david archuleta,katy perry, boys like girls and shontelle will b there?

  24. 24

    which christmas song is da best???

  25. 25

    which one?

  26. 26

    did u know that in hsm 3, there was supposed 2 b a scene of zac efron singing in da shower but they cut it cause it was 2 raunchy 4 da movie?

  27. 27

    have u seen britney spears's new documentary on mtv?

  28. 28

    did u know that her 27th bday was yesterday?

  29. 29

    can't u believe that it's already december?

  30. 30


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