ok, i loved the movie, but i liked the book more!!! the movie just left out way too many things!!!i mean, i wouldnt have minded a 5 hour movie!!! and edward got mad way too much!! and the houses wernet anything like i imagined them, and jasper was way too tense!! he actually talked in the book!!!! LOL!! carlisle was so cute!!!! and so was edward, jasper, and emmett!!!!! jasper was the cutest!! (pleas comment!! and rate!!)

  1. 1

    do u think it was a good movie??

  2. 2

    they left out a lot of things, rite?? (please leave comments saying what)

  3. 3

    would u have cared if it was longer so they could put more things in??

  4. 4

    i thought edward got mad too much!! what about u??

  5. 5

    how many times have u read the book??

  6. 6

    how many times have u seen the movie??

  7. 7

    what do u think about the person who played bella??

  8. 8

    what about for eward??

  9. 9

    i kept laughing at edward's facial expressions!!! what about u?

  10. 10

    over all, it was a pretty good movie, but the book was way better!!

  11. 11

    wich guy vamp was the cutest?

    Please select all that apply.

  12. 12

    wich girl vamp?? (including bella)

    Please select all that apply.

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