The MOST DEBATABLE QUIZZZZZZ! The great, wonderful, supreme, universal, unbeatable etc.... NERD QUIZ!

by: DarthDan

This quiz is my attack on bias against nerds and knowledge(this in no way implies that I am a nerd). I have done my part in making this quiz. Your part is to DEBATE. Write comments and then defend your opinions. Comment many times on this quiz to turn it into a debate. We need to uncover the secrets of NERDDOM.

  1. 1

    Good knowledge lets us do more things. The more correct knowledge we have, the more things we know how to do. For example, medical knowledge gives you the ability to heal. Agree?

  2. 2

    Knowledge can be used to avoid harm and get benefits. The goal to life is happiness not knowledge. Health, cars, tv, games, internet, and friends can also make people happy. Agree?

  3. 3

    A high amount of knowledge can be used to get more money, know concepts of happiness, and make/use technology etc... Is knowledge plus other things a good way to happiness?

  4. 4

    Much of our technology and ideas were made by nerds. If you do not like nerds, try living without technology. I love that there are nerds. We should be nice to them. Agree?

  5. 5

    Each person is made differently. Society works because of variety. If knowledge makes someone happy why stop him/her? People with knowledge can see things that those without can't. Agree?

  6. 6

    We need smart people and should not degrade them. I do not think that knowledge is wrong. It is wrong when it pushes out other stuff and creates unhappiness. Agree?

  7. 7

    The difference between humans and animals is our brains. Brains make us human. One reason smart people are mocked is because of jelousy of the fact that nerds get money. Agree?

  8. 8

    Nerd can mean a smart person, it can also mean a less social one. A nerd can mean a person who is really into something, like star wars nerd. Nerd can be defined as someone outside the "norm". Agree?

  9. 9

    Society needs many skills. If everyone were the norm then many things would not be provided. People do not look into politics enough. We need knowledge. Agree?

  10. 10

    If you have a problem with their social skills, then socialize with them. Give them practice. Shunning them will never give them the chance to develope their social skills. Agree?

  11. 11

    Friends, games, knowledge, health, virtue and other things creates great happiness combined. Let us not not have too little knowledge. Knowledge can show us which way we can direct our lives. Agree?

  12. 12

    What is your opinion of nerds?

  13. 13

    What is your opinion of knowledge?

  14. 14

    This society judges too much by labels(nerd, punk, goth, prep, etc...). Instead of judging by vague labels why not judge by the heart, how people really are. Agree?

  15. 15

    Has this quiz given you a more favorable opinion of knowledge?

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