What would u do?(very fun Quiz)

by: BusinessCorgi

ok my friend told me to make this
there is a puppy dog in the road and a big German shepard thats about to eat it what would u do?

  1. 1

    A puppy is sitting in the road with the German shepard behind it thats about ot eat it what would u do?

  2. 2

    the puppy walks up to u and lickks u sweetly u ____.

  3. 3

    sudenly the german shepard comes up to u and whines.u_______.

  4. 4

    suddenly the puppy gets razor sharp teeth and it gets glowing red eyes and growls at u. u_______.

  5. 5

    then a bunch of mutant dog monkey fish zombies start walking towards u.u_____.

  6. 6

    suddenly a bird bumps into one of them and since they were in a line they knock all over liek dominoes u________.

  7. 7

    then they all die and u_____.

  8. 8

    Hannah Montana walks up to u with Michal Jackson and he is pregnant and she has a beer u ____.

  9. 9

    Suddenly thye walk away and there is a kitten in the road with a saint bernard that is about to eat it u______.

  10. 10

    the choice is urs! r u gonna be....

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