what do u think?

by: inuyasha1422

there is this guy i like and idk if likes me people say he does but im not sure. i talk to him every day and when he sees me in the hall at school he runs down the hall to tickle me. he also sticks up 4 me when im not there and if someone is bothering me he stands up 4 me. and he always askes me if i need help w/ anything and if i say yes he always helps me even if it takes away from his own work.

  1. 1

    from what i said above do u think he likes me?

  2. 2

    he talks about me alot. good things not bad

  3. 3

    people wisper and say he likes me, but i dony kno them

  4. 4

    he comes into my classes 2 talk to me and he makes himself late to his classes

  5. 5

    when i said i was cold he toulk off him hoodie and gave it to me

  6. 6

    i hurt my ankle and all day he asks me if im ok

  7. 7

    he made me a nick name (idk if that has anything do do w/ anything)

  8. 8

    he always says i look nice (even when i woke up late and look like a mess)

  9. 9

    i fell in the hall at school and he helped me pick up all my stuff

  10. 10

    do u think he likes me? (please be honest)

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