falling for the dolan twins..........

ashlyns new in LA and in need of a new friend. of course, she meets someone unexpected! well, two unexpected people.............. and youre falling for them both.......

Chapter 1

nice to meet you!

i laid sadly on the sand, upset its been 1 whole day and i met no one willing to talk to me. life was always hard for me, unable to talk to anyone or make any friends.
"hey, who are you?" i heard a kind voice say. i turned to see a nice man standing there. he had a polite smile on his face. he let out a laugh at me confused face, sitting next to me.
"my name is ashlyn, I'm new here." i answered quickly. i looked into his shiny brown eyes. they flickered with hushed excitement.
we sat silently on the beach until sunset, when it was becoming chilly. i shuddered, hugging myself as i pulled myself to my feet. the coolness was unexpected, considering it was supposed to be summer.
"are you cold, ashlyn?" he asked, taking off his jacket. i nodded and accepted his warm jacket. it was comfortable.
"do you want me to walk you home?", he asked. i smiled at him an awkward smile. without an answer, we set off down the dirt path. the walk was stretched long, with questions and happiness and laughing.
before i stepped into my house, he put his in front of me. he smiled at me and pulled his jacket off me with a simple laugh.
"I'm grayson. ill see you tomorrow.", was the last thing he said before walking away, dissapearing.
i stormed upstairs, tired and defeated. i collapsed on my bed, falling asleep. all night i dreamt about grayson, the cute guy from the beach. nothing was as nice nor kind as grayson had been to me.

i heard my name echo up the stairs, soft and hard to hear. i sat up in a anger, putting my hand on my forehead. why couldn't grandma leave me alone?
"yes, grandma?", i asked, yawning. i pulled my self to my feet in a hurry. i was about to take off my t-shirt, when suddenly she answered me.
"your friends are here!", she called, frighting me. i had only made one friend, and he was here! i had on p.js and had bedhead!
i pulled on my red v-neck t-shirt and black shorts. i pulled my brown hair into a ponytail, hoping it wasn't sloppy.
i ran down the stairs to see the boy from yesterday sitting at my table. beside him sat an equally cute guy that looked somewhat like grayson. they both were talking to my grandma, and they looked happy.
"hey guys!", i said nervously, sitting next to grayson. he smiled at me and chuckled again.
my grandma sat plates of pancakes in front of us. the mysterious boy dug in quickly, obviously in love with pancakes. grayson laughed shrilly, before eating his own quickly. but ashlyn ate slow, finishing last.
"wanna see my room, grayson?... and.... you?", i asked awkwardly. they both nodded excitedly and followed me up the stairs and into my bedroom. boxes were scattered across the floor, the room looking messy.
both of the boys inspected the boxes, seeing i was really new in LA.
"what is your name, anyway?", i asked him. he smiled and walked up to me, putting his hand up for a high five. i hit his hand.
"my name is Ethan. Ethan Dolan." he replied with a laugh. he nodded and whispered to grayson. grayson nodded and pulled his hair back.
"we want you to help us with something" they said.


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