This story takes place in 5076 when the majority of people have moved to other planets, both natural and artificial, across the universe. However, there are three earthly civilizations left, named Honshu, Tristate, and Sao Paulo. Maddie and her family live in Tristate.

Chapter 1

The Flashback

Maddie's wristband buzzed. It was waking hour. She jumped out of bed as quickly as possible! She had some dreams last night that the government was trying to block and replace with other dreams. It was a battle between her brain and government technology. Maddie flashed back to when she was a toddler. Back when her older brother Darron explained to her the evils of their government. He was arrested for rebel activity when she was only three years old. Maddie cried at the thought that Darron was tortured, brainwashed, or worst of all, killed by the government. She headed outside for a morning stroll to sort out her feelings.


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