Fanmade Harry Potter Houses

Lycanpath, Scorporaid, Bakkenwing, and Florathorn

Chapter 1

Fanmade Harry Potter Houses

Before I get started, let me be clear that my knowledge of Harry Potter is still very limited; I've watched the 1st five movies, and read the 6th book, but there are many details that I cannot recall without looking it up. However, I'm interested enough about the four houses in Hogwarts and their distinctions to want to come up with my own four. (In my imagination, one student at Hogwarts drew inspiration from the unique traits of other houses so he decided to write a story featuring his own school, featuring houses whose characteristics could be unique overlaps from those of any two houses at Hogwarts.)

However, if I lack enough details about the inner workings or gimmicks for each, as well as necessary/common Harry Potter knowledge, well, I'm open to ideas from those who are huge Harry Potter fans. But, for the general ideas, the following are what I got.

1. Lycanpath
Symbol: Wolf
Color: Turquoise
Element: Ice
Traits: Ingenuity, production, expansion, pragmatism

Before I get into detail, first here's what inspired me to come up with this one, my first fanmade house. When I took the quiz on Pottermore, I was sorted into Slytherin, which was what I wanted. However, a part of me still thought I belonged in Ravenclaw (my cousin thought the same too); regardless I liked both houses. And so I thought, what kind of house could be an overlap between Slytherin and Ravenclaw in terms of characteristics but still be distinct and unique. Blue and green makes turquoise just as water and wind can make ice (well, frigid wind of course), and I like canine animals; white wolves work perfectly for the element of ice and snow so there you have it.

So indeed Lycanpath students possess the shrewd and ambitious traits of Slytherin as well as the intelligence and wit of Ravenclaw, but combine both to acquire successes of their own (i.e. using the wit typical of Ravenclaw and the cunning typical of Slytherin to achieve their goals, not that such overlaps are hard to imagine even for Hogwarts). But getting into some of the more distinct traits, before being sorted into Lycanpath, most of the students were quite autonomous in nature. Upon being sorted, however, they quickly made close friends and formed "packs" or inner circles with like minds, meaning specific "codes" (customs, passwords, gimmicks, etc.) were prominent among Lycanpaq circles. As such, every member of a pack develop an unspoken yet fierce loyalty to one another, and if one of them is wronged, the rest will back him/her up until justice is served. Lycanpath students enjoy puzzles and strategy games, cryptic arts, cartography, exploration, and trading.

While Lycanpath does look for students of various talents, be it in skill, imagination, or intelligence, above all, they favor pragmatism and production. That is, they want students who can bring new and inventive ideas that can effectively and efficiently become reality, similar to entrepreneurs or scientists, or mere merchants and mercenaries. They like to expand their influence over their world as much as they can.

However, as "destined for greatness" as Lycanpath may lead many to believe, it's not without its negative half of its reputation. Many Lycanpaths are also known to become greedy, callous elitists with exceedingly high standards. These people are nit-picky, overcritical of others, and so easily disgusted by flaws in general just as they are fascinated by the wonders of the world. But the least reputable of the Lycanpath are the ones who form organized gangs (like a Mafia or a Triad) and seize control over the underworld however they can, and like a Lycanpath, they still got their codes and systems to keep them in line.

2. Scorporaid
Symbol: Scorpion
Color: Orange
Element: Sand
Traits: Endurance, acuity, instinct, tenacity

A house made for the hunters and warriors among wizards and witches, Scorporaid values power and cutthroat determination. They have a reputation for being ruthless, death-defiant savages who stop at nothing until they achieve their goal or defeat an enemy, even if it means attacking or destroying anything in their way including their own. Scorporaids like to act quickly, willing to leap before they think and follow their gut (i.e. hesitation is not an option). However, that doesn't mean they are incapable of thinking rationally or operating with precision. In fact, they handle most of their work very efficiently. Moreover, even if they fail to accomplish the task at full, they will always make sure to bring something out of it; or when defeated by an enemy, they will do whatever they can to bring the enemy down with them or take something from them as some form of "evidence" to track them down until payback time. Scorporaids put more emphasis on offensive magic over other fields in their learning. As such, the attacks they cast are typically more intense and precise than most students from other houses. See, they treat all competition like a war (and Quidditch is no exception) and henceforth develop a "one in doubt; kill 'em like the rest" mentality.

Scorporaid and Lycanpath share what is more or less love-hate relationship: They can be powerful allies as well as fierce rivals.

The color orange reflects the element of sand typical of a scorpion's environment. It is also the color given by mixing red and yellow together; that is, the colors of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. Scorporaids have the nerve and fearlessness of Gryffindor as well as the hardworking determination of Hufflepuff. While they're nowhere near as patient as Hufflepuffs, they are just as open to about any kind of student, but there's only one rule: a few weeks in and they had better see strength and drive from a student. (However, the element of sand can be seen as a product of earth and wind, the elements of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw, but Scorporaid has little in common with the latter.)

3. Bakkenwing
Symbol: Bat
Color: Violet
Element: Lightning
Traits: Creativity, eccentricity, enigma, charisma

Although their nightly colors and theme may suggest otherwise, Bakkenwings love the spotlight. They have a penchant for the performing arts, even operating in dramatic and theatric displays during serious tasks. Bakkenwing students typically like to wear unique costumes or stylized makeup as well as speak as though jesting or acting. Welcome to the "crazy" house, represented by the bat flying across the lightning-illuminated night sky.

Bakkenwings like to use magic that stand out, meaning they're less concerned with practical uses than they are with the aesthetics. However, they are not to be underestimated in any campaign. Though showy and seemingly unnecessary, many may fall against them simply because they cannot predict nor comprehend what the spells can actually do before it's too late for them unless they know enough about art and cultural implications to figure out what they're about.

As such, Bakkenwing favors students with imagination, and I mean to the extreme. If you're a dreamer who could care less about reality and instead, so passionately embrace your deepest fantasies that you aren't afraid to share it with the world, welcome to Bakkenwing, let your heart saturate you, get out there, and show everybody what you're made of!

4. Florathorn
Symbol: Flower
Color: Pink
Element: Life
Traits: Grace, harmony, openness, deception

Florathorn generally has a gentle, "utopian" appeal as members are pacifistic and are kind to everyone. Likewise, they have a strong love for nature, hence their symbol of a flower instead of an animal. Florathorns specialize in healing arts, herbology, Potions, meditation, and divination. As such, many nurses and doctors are Florathorns so you can only imagine the pleasant reputation of this house.

However, few know that Florathorn has its own fair share of shady wizards and witches like any of the other houses would. As the name implies, although Florathorns are known to be gentle, nature-loving healers, they are just as likely to be deadly, unpredictable killers and spies. Using their knowledge, they can come up with the most lethal poisons and curses whose effects on another are so intricate that only another Florathorn may be able to cure it.


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