Silent Nightmares

Silent Nightmares

A Paranormal Horror Story.

Chapter 1

A Paranormal Death.

by: Ghost_
A young girl, age 28 but looks like she's only 15. Blonde hair with one green and blue eye. She fell asleep very late at around 11:45 at night, but was totally unaware of what was really following her. When she fell asleep her dream was wierd, it was freaky, she kept seeing these dark figures that looked like regular people, but with eyes missing and some even missing thier entire face. There was a bunch of screaming and mouth moving, as if people were talking, but heard nothing. There was a theory she heard that she believed, saying if you fall and hit the ground in a dream, before you wake up your gonna die soon. Though she's never had that dream until now. Something went behind her, and pushed her off so fast she couldn't scream. She fell and splat open. When she woke up she was terrified having no idea what's happening. Even when she woke up, she felt as if lucid dreaming beacuse she still felt like she was being watched. She was terrified and refused to get out of the bed. Then she felt something hard touching the tip of her toes. She had no idea that she had just made the biggest mistake of her life, which was also shortly before her death. She looked down and saw something she didn't expect and never wanted to see again. Something that had the words Yes and No The letters A thorough Z with the numhers 1 through 9 and a 0 at the end. At the bottom had the word goodbye and that thing was called Ouija "I thought I burned you." she whispered to herself. She had even asksd it what it wanted her to do after ending the session and the spirits replied " Burn Me. And So she did. But the spirit she was contacting was actually very evil and tried to trick her, so it could escape through it's trap. She only used it to try to contact her dead sister, who died in a car crash. She had the wrong spirit. The spirit pretended when she asked "What is youe name?" And it replied " Chloe " which was her name. She then asked the last name and it said "Robinson" Which was also her last name. She continued to ask questions and then asked "Why did the car crash?" And the response was rather creepy when the spirit replied " He wanted me dead. " Then she said, who's he? And the spirit replied "Someone you never knew " She was then convinced it was Chloe knowing she had thousands of friends online and no friends in real life. She asked for proof, which is exactly what the spirit was waiting for. It wanted to escape, and it did. Items It remained invisible but picked up a pencil and wrote the name "Chloe Robinson" in sloppy handwriting because Chloe couldn't write good. it wrote on paper and she was scared, but amazed. After the spirit told her to burn the board, it was only doing that beacuse fire gave the spirit strength while water weakens the spirit. Instead of Chloe the spirit was a rather dangerous violent person while living who had always gone by a fake name and disguise. No body knew his real name except his parents. He was a serial killer and a psycho path. He purposely stayed on earth instead of leaving beacuse of his fears. His main fear was going to hell. His next fear was nobody remembering him, but who would want to? She saw the board again good as new, so she tore it into seven pieces pour holy water on it and buried it. However, she did not bury it very deep, and had actually unknowingly buried it where his coffin was, beacuse he was not buried in a grave yard. She also had no idea that it wasn't just the board, it was her house he died in that was painted and re-built to look new before she moved in. after that she packed her bags and took the flight as near and far away as possible. She had gotten a flight and passport just in time before plane tickets were sold out. She was traveling all the way from Abbeville Alabama to Tokoyo Japan. She did not care about eating food she didn't like, she is just wanted to get out of that house. The flight did not leave until a few hours later so she tried to stay at the house a little longer only to find more para normal activity. Crosses were being turned upside down, lights and sinks were turning on and off, but it wasn't until she heard the three knocks when she was scared to come out. Even though it was not a demon there, it was almost just like one. She stayed there about fifteen minutes not moving until the temps started drooping, then she climbed out the window locked it, and ran to the car. She went inside and drived to the airport just barely making it to the plane. The lift-off was delayed beacuse of thunderstorms, so she had to waif until about 2:30 A.M. then finally took off. At around 5:00 A.M. In Alabama she did not know if she was still in America, then the plane suddenly crashed. The only thing that was weird was that, the crash was so small, and did not do hardly any damage the plane was still working and could take off again and continue, but what was even weirder was that every single person on the plane survived except for her. She was taken off and rushed to the nearest hospital while everybody else continued to thier destination. She would not wake up, so they buried her in Alabama where she was from.


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