Nuketown Zombies

When a mining drill hits a mysterious cluster of rocks, all Hell breaks loose over the town nearby. Sent to investigate the mysterious disturbance is a team of misfits: leader, Sergeant Brian; muscle-man, West; CDC member, Myles; and C.I.A. Agent, Joshua.
Upon arrival to Nuketown, the team are given a less-than-friendly welcome by the occupants: the living Dead! Fighting for survival, the team must work together or face death, but they're not alone when the radio crackles to life...

Chapter 3

The Box of Mysteries

by: Cozy_Glow
When finally the chuckles ran out, it was quickly replaced by shocked shouts and gunfire as the sneaking zombies were discovered. The creatures had successfully circled them and gotten close enough to nearly touch Wests’ arm. They quickly opened fire on the advancing dead, and ran for one of the houses. West tried force on the door, but it did not budge, even with fire and rot damage to it. It only moved when Brian pick-locked the door. Brian pushed the door open and the four rushed inside, but the house was practically falling down around their ears: large holes in the walls let zombies in, green moldy-goo leaked out of everywhere it could and fire licked at the roof above. The four ran for the back door, but were greeted rather unfriendly by another locked door. Upstairs proved to be just as hideous with a mass amount of debris jamming the doorway.

“Well great” Joshua shouted over his shots. “No way outside without moving crap or picking the door again!”
“We got no time for that now” Myles said, slashing a zombie with his knife. “There are too many!”

Brian grit his teeth, thinking what to do. Suddenly, he barged through the zombies, gaining their attention and leading them back outside. Joshua stared in confused disbelief, but Myles took the opportunity and began with the locked door. He was not very good, but his determination to live and help Brian got the door open in a swift 2 minutes. With the door open, Joshua dived through, followed by Brian, West and Myles, all the zombies shrieking after them.
Turning swiftly, the four men managed to beat back the group of undead and take a breath. Without a word, they looked around at the desolate backyard and shuddered at the scene of death and decay. Joshua rolled his eyes over it all, but stopped to stare at the only things that were ‘whole’: a fallout shelter and a large box. The fallout shelter was nothing special, but the box was glowing green and blue, the questions marks lining the lid lighting up for attention.
Slowly, cautiously, Joshua strode over to it and touched the lid. The lid burst open to reveal a blinding blue light and produced a sweet, wordless lullaby as guns flashed past, until, the lullaby stopped and a gun was presented to the one who had called for it. Joshua took the gun, looking it over with an eyebrow raised and a straight mouth.

“What was that?” Myles quizzed, edging closer to the box. “What did it do?”
“It gave me a gun” Joshua replied, simply. “A Seven-Five to be exact.”
“A box ‘gave’ you a gun?” Sergeant Brian scoffed. “Are ya sure ya didn’t grab it normal?”
Agent Joshua whirled around in anger. “I know what I saw! You would be wise to get something from it too!”

Brian laughed and Joshua stormed off to sit on the outside staircase. Myles and West looked to the box, before West placed a hand on the glowing box. The box began its’ tune and spat out a weapon for West, who eagerly took it up. Brian stared in shocked awe, but he quickly recovered and took a turn, being given an SMG. Myles eagerly touched the box, but his gift was different: he was given a cymbal monkey toy.

“That’s rather anti-climatic” he mumbled. “At least I won’t get bored!”
“What doe sit do?” West took the toy from Myles to inspect and found a rather surprising answer: “Oh, you’ll like ‘im!”

West pointed to the Monkeys’ back were a patch of C4 could be seen. Myles turned a little pale, but he smiled all the same. Perhaps he could set the monkey up somewhere on a timer to blow up some zombies? As if for a test, zombies lumbered over the fences and came stumbling towards them. The three with new guns opened fire, impressed with their guns for the moment, but Myles was left to ponder his dangerous toys’ purpose. Finally deciding to try the monkey, Myles wound it up and threw as far as he could.
Upon landing, the monkey lit up brightly, played a loud tune while bashing its’ cymbals together and began speaking in an electronic voice. The zombies stopped dead in their tracks, spun on their axis and swarmed around the little monkey bomb, watching it with dead interest. The men watched with open mouths as the zombies did nothing but stare, until the monkey said its’ farewell and blew most of them up. Those that survived either ran at the men or crawled, anger in their soulless eyes.

“What a monkey!”

West mowed down the survivors and Myles went for a gun, praying with all his might for something he could fire. The box heard his plea and gave up a gun. Myles took it up and turned to face the enemy, only to be confronted with a pile of dead zombies.

“Was that all?”
“Yeah. Sorry” West shrugged. “Had ta kill ‘em first.”

Myles, though disappointed, smiled in understanding. The men quickly fitted themselves with weapons from the box, until Myles touched it for the final time. The box played it’s sweet melody, but what appeared was a teddy bear, all bloody and broken. Myles jumped back as a vicious, alien laugh rang out in the air from all around. The box floated off the ground, swallowed the teddy back into itself, spun and flew at speed into the hellish air above. The men gaped in shock and horror as they watched the spectacle.
Myles turned a shade of red, shrinking a little in embarrassment at the bad luck that had befallen him and them all now. Sergeant Brian shook his head, hardly sparing a glance at his colleagues, before turning to go stand in the street. Joshua glared at Myles through his black glasses. The only man who seemed even a little forgiving was West, who landed a firm, reassuring hand on his slender shoulder.

“You didn’t know, did ya?” his voice was husky.
“The box is a complete mystery” Myles replied. “I had no idea it would do that of all things!”

West nodded slowly, before he walked to the outside staircase that was blocked by debris. It was only a lounge chair and some dirt and rocks, nothing much to a tank like West. The man simply lifted the chair and the rest fell away. Dumping the chair over the side, West climbed the rotting timber staircase with Myles close behind. The boards beneath their feet creaked and groaned, but held sturdy.
Once on the balcony, the duo carefully began inspecting the area. The area was two rooms, one a study, the other a bedroom, and a blocked doorway that led to the stairs down. Myles curious went into the bedroom, while West determined how to get the door open. In the bedroom, was a ruined bunk bed and sitting on the top bunk was a teddy bear. Myles smiled at it, then grew sad as he thought about who may have owned it before and what had befallen them. A loud click, had Myles jumping, gun whipped into hand and ready to fire, when he saw West at the doorway, a little stunned. They stared at each other for a moment, silent.

“Goin’ down?” Wests’ voice was loud.
“Y-yeah, I guess.”

Without a word, West moved off down the stairs, but Myles didn’t immediately follow, he was staring at the door they had come up, staring at a zombie lumbering through. The thing was unaware it was in the presence of a human, until a bullet ripped through its’ shoulder. The thing shrieked anger, turning it’s gaze on the man who had shot it, before stagger-lunging at him, to only die from a direct headshot.
Without delay, Myles ran downstairs and was faced with his companions fighting the rest of the zombies, as they ascended the stairs. Agent Joshua backed into Myles and yelled in fright, ebfore spinning and aiming for the young mans’ chest. Myles ducked too late, but luckily, Joshua saw him first and straightened his trigger finger.

“The hell are you doin’, boy?!” Sargeant Brian shouted over gunfire.
“Myles found us an escape!”

No one replied, they just all barrelled upwards towards the door to freedom, a freedom that was barred by zombies lumbering through the doorway. Dodging and sliding under the creatures, the four dived for the ruined bedroom and stumbled for the window. Myles tumbled out first, landing on, before rolling uncontrollably off, the roof. Brian followed Myles with a shout of panic and a loud thud, but the other two were firmly planted on the roof, looking down with amusement. Myles coughed, trying to wriggle legs free from under Brian, who was staring in shock at the sky, West and Joshua laughing above, but it was all drowned out by the howls and shrieks of the zombies as they advanced quickly upon them.
The masses of them poured onto the roof, forcing West and Joshua to jump and run. When the masses piled through the door and jumped down from the roof, Myles picked Brian up and helped him stagger as quickly as able in the direction of the others. Seeing that his commanding officer was in dire trouble, West picked up Brian, grabbed Myles’ arm and took them away to the other house, where Joshua was rattling the doorknob open. Once the door swung free, they barged inside, nearly getting squished in the door, and made their way to the back door. Joshua set to work on it quick, but not quick enough.

“They’re gettin’ closer!” Myles squeaked.
“Alright then!”

Brian jumped down from Wests’ arms, took up his gun and opened fire on the oncoming horde. The zombies were surprised, but kept coming all the same. Stunned, the Sargeants’ men stared as he held back the horde with a shotgun alone. He looked over his shoulder at them, face angry and concerned.

“Don’t stand there!” he shouted. “Get to work!”

Without delay, the team opened fire as Joshua attempted to open the door again, to much success. The men shot through the door with great speed, leaving the undead to stare after them, before giving chase. Greeting the eyes of the men was the Mystery Box with it’s green aura aglow.

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