Nuketown Zombies

When a mining drill hits a mysterious cluster of rocks, all Hell breaks loose over the town nearby. Sent to investigate the mysterious disturbance is a team of misfits: leader, Sergeant Brian; muscle-man, West; CDC member, Myles; and C.I.A. Agent, Joshua.
Upon arrival to Nuketown, the team are given a less-than-friendly welcome by the occupants: the living Dead! Fighting for survival, the team must work together or face death, but they're not alone when the radio crackles to life...

Chapter 2

Secrets Out

by: Cozy_Glow
The creature was human-like, but rotten and saggy in places, like someone long dead. The clothes it sported were ruined, slashed, burnt and torn beyond repair or recognition. As Myles stared, the creature seemed to notice him and it growled. It gained some small amount of speed as it staggered towards him, swaying as it walked, baring yellowed teeth.
Myles fumbled for his firearm and went to make the shot, when someone else killed the creature with a perfect headshot between the eyes. Myles turned around to see Agent Joshua standing behind him, sour faced, but there, with gun still aimed and smoking gently. The sounds of Sergeant Brian and Wests’ heavy boots sounded from his now left as they approached, curious of the gunfire.

“What the devil are ya doin’, boy?!” Sergeant Brian yelled at the Agent.
“I am no ‘boy’” Agent Joshua snapped. “I am an Agent of the CIA!”
“He shot that… well…”

Myles gestured to the fallen humanoid creature and the other two stared at it. Sergeant Brian simply glared at Agent Joshua like the scumbag had shot a civilian. Suddenly, Sergeant Brians’ eyesight was drawn away as another lumbering creature appeared from behind the bus and another from within it. West stared in shock as he spied more stumbling towards them, all dead men with a will to walk.

“W-what is going on?!” Myles shouted, shooting a creature, dead. “What are they?!”
“Take a guess”Joshua nodded at a creature. “He look familiar to you, Myles?”

Myles turned his head and gasped in fear as he recognised the bright yellow Hazard suit of a CDC member as it stumbled towards them. The team had not gone missing, as such, they had all turned into these dead things! They were all the living dead: zombies!
In a flash, everything dead was dead again. Myles stood, shaking, as he reloaded his gun, nervously looking around; West and Sergeant Brian grumbled confusion about what was going on; and Agent Joshua looked bored, as normal, but his glasses hid the truth: his eyes darted around for any trouble.

“What’s really goin’ on ‘ere?” Myles and Joshua looked at Brian, who was frowning. “Ya know, don’t ya?!”
“It’s confidential” Agent Joshua snapped. “I told you that when we were in the truck!”
“Does it matter?” a meek voice asked.
Josh shot Myles a look and the small man seemed smaller. “Unless you want to loose your job, yes.”
“This ain’t no normal outbreak” West said, standing over the Agent. “This ain’t even a terror attack. What is going on?”
“Tell, or I’ll be damn sure to feed you to one of these dead things!” Sergeant Brian growled.

Joshua shut his mouth, refusing to speak, so the two army men looked to Myles, who gave up without a fight. He blurted it out like it was poisonous to his mouth.

“Sergeant Brian, sir, you and Mr. West did not get a full report… only the CDC and CIA did. The CDC Report of the area stated that dead men were rising, semi-alive, but had reverted to a primal instinct of attack, kill and eat. These mindless, dead creatures were once living, breathing people, but now… now, they’re just… zombies!”
“Zombies?!” Sergeant Brian scoffed. “Are you insane or stupid, boy?!”
“Then what do you call it?” Agent Joshua asked, quiet and serious.

Brian felt himself become mentally slapped. The Agent was serious- dead serious, in fact- about the ‘zombies’ thing. Did that make it true? Or just another infamous CIA cover story? Brians’ eyes narrowed at the Agent, trying to figure him out, or at least if this information was true or not. Myles looked serious enough to be truthful and honest, but Joshua was another case. Finally, the answer seemed within reason.

“Alright then” Sergeant Brian said, standing straight and clicking his gun. “So, we have zombies infesting the area and no information how to prevent it?”
“Not yet, no” Myles replied, giving a gentle smile. “But we have a test serum that could prevent us from ‘Turning’!”

The other men stared at Myles with eyes saying different things: Joshua was thinking ‘This better not be a dirty trick again!’, Brian thought more to ‘What?!’ and West was simple in thinking ‘How wonderful’. Myles only smiled in a nervous way and showed them the three little vials. The liquid inside was crystal clear, like purest water.

“This serum acts as a repellent, preventative, cure and sedative once injected” Myles stated, taking out a syringe and showing the men. “You will only need one full syringe injection. Each bottle contains at least 5 doses, so we won’t run out quickly, especially if we are careful.”
“Why did you not tell us before?!” Joshua facepalmed in annoyance.
“You did not ask” Myles put simply. “You did not care.”

At this, West and Brian laughed. They had not cared for what Myles could or would ever say, but now he had something important in his bag, he was very important to them for survival of the medical kind!

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