Sleepover (GirlxGirl)

Michelle and Elsie have been best friends since the beginning of Highschool. Michelle is a smart girl with a sassy, dominant attitude, and very overprotective of her friends. If you mess with them, you mess with her.
Elsie is more of the quiet type, keeping her dark little secrets to herself, and only showing the world her sweet, friendly, angelic nature. Little did they know the dirty darkness within her mind.

But Michelle has something much darker up her sleeve.

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Chapter 2

Play Toy ("M" [Part 1])

by: Lawli_pop
Michelle's soft lips against her own was unlike anything Elsie had ever felt. She had not expected that at all, but it happened, and there she was.

Elsie's jumbled thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Michelle's hand rushed up her shirt, causing her to gasp in surprise and allowing Michelle to slip her tongue into Elsie's mouth. The bright blue eyes of the girl beneath widened as Michelle began to explore her warm body beneath her clothes.



"Nnh.... How did you know?" Elsie asked.

"Know what?"

"H-How did you know that I'm in love with you...?"

"To be honest," Michelle admitted, "I didn't. But I've loved you since the day we met and I couldn't keep it hidden anymore."

Elsie put her hands on Michelle's back, pulling her closer. "Well I'm done hiding... I love you too."

The soft kiss soon began getting rougher, and Elsie immediately noticed the difference, but honestly didn't care. Michelle pulled off Elsie's shirt after having cast aside the ruffled apron and her other hand slipped behind the girl beneth her to unclasp the straps of her light blue bra.

She slid the bra off and tossed it to the floor, her kisses lowering to Elsie's neck. Elsie moaned softly as Michelle's lips lowered even further and lightly touched her sensitive nîpple before taking it into her mouth. Michelle lowered her hand to Elsie's white miniskirt and slipped it off along with the blue lacy panties underneath.

Elsie gasped when Michelle began fingering, pushing a finger into her. She writhed in pleasure and put a hand on Michelle's bare skin beneath her leather jacket.

"Nnh...." Elsie moaned.

"Elsie," Michelle said, licking the soft skin of the girl beneath her as she lowered herself down her body even more. Her fingers still playing with Elsie's womanhood. "I did bring you a birthday gift....."

"You mean this wasn't it?"

"It was, but this is only part one. You'll have to wait for part two."

Michelle ran her tongue teasingly down Elsie's stomach but stopped right above her need. She looked up.

"First, it's your turn. Oh, one minute...." Michelle got up and walked iver to her bag. Elsie watched in curiosity as she pulled something out and brought it over. She proudly presented Elsie with the item, ckasping it around her neck. A beautiful blue and black collar now decrated Elsie's neck.

"Now you can start." Michelle said happily.

Elsie got up and got on her knees in front of Michelle, pulling off the tight leather pants and hot pink laced panties. Facing her womanhood, she looked up and smiled at Michelle, who nodded. Elsie lightly kissed Michelle's skin, smoothing her tongue over it and dipping it into her. The dominant blonde groaned as Elsie's tongue pleasured her.

Michelle's hands soon found the back of Elsie's head, grasping onto her hair and pulling so the hair tie came undone and long blonde waves tumbled down her bare shoulders. She tightly grabbed a lock of blonde silk when Elsie hit a sweet-spot with her talented tongue, nearly sending her over the edge.

"Oh God, Elsie..... Nnh! I'm..... Uhn.... I'm so close....." Michelle moaned.

Elsie sped up her movements, overloading Michelle with pleasure. She bit her lip and moaned loudly as she hit orgàsm.

Part two will be added as soon as I have time. I can't guerrantee that will be before Christmas, I've been really busy. Comment if you want to find out what Michelle's "part two" is going to be!

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