Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

I wrote this last year but never finished in time to post it before Christmas

I'll be posting a new chapter every day until Christmas :)

When an immortal threat plots to destroy Christmas and possibly the world, Chris -Santa's son- ignores his parents warning and leaves the pole to try and stop it. Teaming up with a group of gothic outcasts Chris finds there's more at stake than originally thought. When the time comes, what will have to be given up in order to give the world Christmas?

Chapter 3

by: Luxray100
Nick had been growing more and more concerned with every passing year. The kids got meaner, the nice list grew shorter, and holiday spirit was almost completely gone. No one was satisfied with the simple things that Christmas was about. With all the new technology being created that’s all anyone wanted. The next iPhone, tablet, or drone. “Whatever happened to the teddy bear or the bike?” He asked himself as he worked on an Xbox. “Nick, I brought you a salad.” Amy said as she walked in. “Thanks.” He replied; never taking his eyes off his work. “Remember when the big thing was Cabbage Patch Kids?” Amy mused. Nick chuckled, “Yeah. I was going nutts trying to make enough.” “Kids rely too much on technology now adays. And it takes so much time to build them that if it weren’t for the shorter nice list I don’t think we’d be able to keep up.” “I’m sure you’d find a way.” She told him. “With how low Christmas spirit is I’m not so sure. Not to mention those rumors about…” “Don’t! I don’t even want to hear his name.” “It’s not something we can just ignore. Now more than ever.” Nick told her.

Amy sighed, “What are we going to do then?” “If it’s true he’s building an army then –” “You aren’t seriously considering doing the same!” “Of course not. His weakness is pure joy and happiness as well as Christmas spirit. But if it’s true he’s gathering those who feel joy by causing pain his power will only grow. And the way things are now adays the joy we would need is harder to find.”

Chris stood outside the door as he listened to his parent’s conversation. “Dad?” he said as he entered the room. Both Nick and Amy looked in shock at their son. “Chris? How long have you been there?” His mother asked. “Long enough. Is it true?” he asked. “Unfortunately I think it is.” Nick told him. “What are we going to do?” Chris asked. “I don’t know.” Nick admitted, “But I don’t feel comfortable just sitting around waiting for something to happen. Especially this close to Christmas.” “What if we did prepare like you were talking about?” Chris asked. “Christopher Claus you aren’t seriously saying we gather an army!” Amy said in both shock and anger. “Not that kind of army mom. I mean find a way to take away some of Kr–” “Don’t!” Chris sighed, “Some of “He Who Shall Not Be Named’s” power. You said it yourself that joy and happiness were his weaknesses.” He said looking at his dad. “How do you expect to do that? It’s only ten days till Christmas and I can’t just get up and leave this close to Christmas.” He told him. “I can go. I can find a way to try and stop him and you can stay here and focus on Christmas.” Chris told him. “No.” “But Dad–” “Chris, if you go down there and He finds out he’ll kill you. You’re next in line and our only child. If he kills you there won’t be another Santa and there will be no more Christmas. And not to mention how your mother and I would feel if anything happened to you.” Nick told him. “But even you admitted that you don’t like just sitting around like this.” Chris argued. “That’s enough Christopher!” Amy yelled, “You’re not going!” Chris sighed, “Alright. Fine.” He said before walking out. “I have a bad feeling about this.” Nick said. “So do I.” Amy agreed.

Chris tried to forget the insane idea that had formed inside his head but it just wouldn’t go away. Rufus barked quietly as he stared at Chris from the foot of his bed. “What do you think I should do?” Chris asked him. Rufus barked again and trotted over to the door before barking once more. “It’s crazy you know?” Rufus just tilted his head. “Alright then.” Chris sighed. “Let’s go.”

Chris and Rufus ran out to the barn and Chris grabbed his sled before hooking up Rufus. “You ready for this?” He asked. Rufus barked. “Good. Because I’m not.” He smiled. The reindeer all looked at him and the nearest ones snorted in protest. “Yeah yeah I know. I’m gonna be in huge trouble when I get back.” Old Donny stomped his foot. “Yes I know. It’s dangerous and may not even work. But I'm not just gonna sit around. I’ll be fine.” He told the old deer. He put on Rufus’s bell collar before getting on the sled. “Let’s go!” Rufus took off in a dead sprint before jumping in the air. Chris took one last look back at the barn as he and Rufus flew south.


“So. The young Claus decided to head south for the winter to try and stop Me.” he said as he watched an image of Chris and Rufus as they left the North Pole, “I suppose we should set up a little welcoming party for when he lands now shouldn’t we?”

He summoned two of his followers. “Yes Master?” They asked in unison. “Santa’s only son has left the North Pole. I want you to find him and get rid of him. If all else fails I can at least have the satisfaction of knowing there won’t be another one to get in my way again.” “Yes Sir.” They grinned. “Good,” he said with a smile, “now go!” The two followers listened and headed out. If they succeeded they knew it would make them legendary among the rest of his followers. And they would be the only ones who would ever get the chance to kill a legendary figure.

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