Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

I wrote this last year but never finished in time to post it before Christmas

I'll be posting a new chapter every day until Christmas :)

When an immortal threat plots to destroy Christmas and possibly the world, Chris -Santa's son- ignores his parents warning and leaves the pole to try and stop it. Teaming up with a group of gothic outcasts Chris finds there's more at stake than originally thought. When the time comes, what will have to be given up in order to give the world Christmas?

Chapter 19


by: Luxray100
The events that happened in December were written off by the media as optical illusions and special effects. That seemed to be enough for the people who had watched it at home on TV. But for the people involved and the goths and others who showed they knew it was a big load of bologna. They knew it had been real.

The Hideout closed down after the first so the bands had to find a new place to hang out. They settled for Bob’s BBQ but the eight bands and plenty of their friends were all working to get The Hideout reopened. They were making good progress because of all the help and they figured it could be up and running again within a month or two with possible upgrades.

If Ty thought school was terrible before it was even worse after winter break ended. Because Krampus’s shadows made her cut her wrists she was forced to go to counseling every Thursday after school. Since Ty couldn’t exactly tell the truth about what happened she just rolled through the motions of yes’s and no’s depending on which one would get her out of there faster. The counselor wasn’t impressed but Ty was both stubborn and proud so the counselor wouldn’t get any more than they were currently getting.

The people at school all looked at her differently and the bullies all had new jokes and comments they had added to their arsenals. Teachers had become bothersome as well. Always asking if something was wrong. “You look sad.” They would say. “This is my face.” Was Ty’s reply.

No one went to the police after Gabe and his friends personally tried to murder them. It seemed to be the easier decision at the time to avoid all the questions they couldn’t answer. Not to mention the fact that Ty’s own sanity would most likely be called into question. Although Gabe and his friends still whispered quiet threats to them promising to finish the job next time.

Eternally Psychotic was able to keep their gig at Bob’s BBQ and played from 5pm-8pm every Saturday. The owner, whose name was actually Chuck, was impressed by how many people they were able to bring in even so late at night on Christmas eve and gave them a better time slot. They still kept in contact with the bands from the street concerts from the 23rd. In Ty’s opinion that was the only good thing that came out of winter break.

With her days being broken up between watching her back at school and while walking to and from band practice, trying to block out her family with her headphones like usual, and going to counseling time went pretty slow.

“Hey Ty. You ready for tonight?” Tyler asked when he and Kevin walked up to her that Saturday. “I swear if you g-uys try any-any-th-ing I’m going to k-kill you.” She told them. “Who us?” They said innocently. “Good th-thing you guys aren’t ac-ac-/ac-tors/ because you’re terri-ble liars.” “Ok we’re lying. But it’s nothing big.” Ty sighed, “Whatever.” As bad as the holidays were today could almost top them. Except for last Christmas. Then again that was pretty fun.

“Have your grandparent’s found out yet?” Leon asked as they walked to Robby’s house. “No. They mi-might watch me like ha-ha-hawks now but it’s still pr-retty easy to es-es-scape. I just g-grab a boo-book, put-t my he-he-head-phones on, go in my r-room, lock the door, then snea-sneak o-ut the wi-wind-ow.”

“It’s cold…” Ty said as she pulled her jacket a bit tighter. “It’s like fourty degrees. It’s not that bad.” Leon told her. “S-still cold.” “Get a thicker jacket.” “But that involves sh-shopping in a clothes st-store.” “There’s your problem.” “Shut up.” “You guys ready?” Robby asked as the two of them walked up. “Yep. Let’s do this.” Everyone jumped in the van and headed over to Bob’s BBQ. “Turn on the heater.” Ty said when they got going. “Anything for–” “DON’T!” Ty warned him. The others started laughing. “I hate you all…”

The second they walked through the back Ty knew something was wrong. It was pitch black in the restaurant. ‘Aw crud.’ she thought before the lights suddenly turned on.

“Happy birthday!” Ty instantly punched the two closest people who just happened to be Robby and Tyler. “Ow!” They said in unison before laughing. “You guys are j-erks.” But even as she said it she couldn’t stop the smile from creeping onto her face. The only people who were ever able to remember her birthday were the four of them. Everyone else was always off by a few days at least, a week or two at most. Although her mom once got her birthday wrong by over a year.

Chuck, the owner, had gotten to know the group pretty well and closed early so that it would just be Eternally Psychotic and their friends. “Happy birthday, Ty.” GG and Charlie said when they saw her. “Shut up.” Ty said with a slight smile. After seventeen failed birthdays she had learned not to expect much in terms of ‘happy’ being a part of the celebrations. But she was hopeful this time.

All their friends from One Nerve, Some Kind Of Psychos, The Guilty Ones, Mayhem Men, Those Guys You Know, Scorch, and Lost In Nowhere Land were there along with a couple of other people. After about a half hour GG did what she did best and jumped on stage demanding everyone’s attention. “Hey everyone what’s up?!” She said. Everyone cheered. For what reason no one was sure. “I’m assuming you all know why we’re here. Or at least I hope so because this is supposed to be a sober party. Those Guys You Know I’m looking at you.” The band all shoved their soda cans in the air with a small cheer. “Ty get up here.” Ty shook her head as her face turned red. “Come on, Ty!” GG called. “Yeah Ty!” “Let’s go!” After some prodding Ty threw her hands in the air and jumped on stage.

“So Ty. For those friends of ours who don’t know how old are you turning?” GG said before shoving the mic towards Ty. “Eighty-one.” Everyone laughed. “That’s Ty for eighteen.” GG said after a moment. “Does that mean you can legally go out with me now?” Zach from Those Guys You Know asked raising his hand. Zach was six years older than Ty and anyone who knew him knew he was a big flirt. “Just cus it’s le-le-/le-gal/ don’t mean it’s ever gonna h-happen.” Ty told him. The others laughed a bit. “It was worth a shot.” Zach said shrugging with his hands up. Despite what some might think Zach’s lines were just that and never went any further. Overall he was a decent guy.

As the rest of Eternally Psychotic stepped on stage with Tyler carrying the cake everyone on the floor suddenly jumped out of the way. The next thing Ty knew a large St. Bernard was standing on top of her wagging his tail. “Rufus?” Ty laughed in both surprise and confusion. The dog barked happily. “Hey, Rufus!” All the guys and GG said as they moved in to pet him. Except for Tyler who was still holding the cake.

Ty climbed out from under Rufus and stood up. “I’m pretty s-sure this g-g-guy didn’t come all the way d-down here on his ow-own.” She grinned as she looked out into the crowd. The others all looked as well. “Get over he-here Kr-Kringle.” She laughed. “Sorry I’m late.” Chris said as he appeared out of the back, “Traffic was terrible.” “What’d y-you do get st-stuck be-hind some ge-ge-geese?” Ty laughed. “Don’t worry about it man you’re just in time.” Leon said. Ty’s head slumped as she realized what everyone was about to do.

As everyone sang a somewhat different version of the Happy Birthday song with multiple people adding extra lyrics and\or changing the melody Robby lit the candles. After the end of the song that had a few added lyrics Ty blew out the candles. Everyone clapped before Tyler and Robby suddenly shoved the cake on Ty and everyone exploded in laughter. What didn’t stay on her landed on the floor around her.

Ty coughed in-between laughs as the bits of cake stuck in her throat were broken down. “So how’s the cake?” Robby asked. “Pretty good. You try.” Ty said as she grabbed a chunk off her shoulder and threw it in his face. The others laughed as she threw small parts at them as well.

After cleaning off as much cake as she could in the bathroom Ty walked back out to meet up with Chris and the others. “So what are y-you doing b-back here?” She asked him. “I figured none of us really got much chance to say a real goodbye. My dad told me what the guys were planning and after a bit of convincing my mom let me come down for a while.” He told them. “So you came back to say goodbye?” Robby said with a slight laugh. “Yeah pretty much.” “I w-would say you sh-should st-ay for c-ake but…” Ty smiled. “We have more. We just wanted to get cake all over you.” Leon told her. “Wow. Thanks guys.” Ty laughed.

“So how long are you sticking around this time?” Tyler asked. “Just for a couple hours then I have to head back.” “Well then I g-guess we bet-better start mak-king the bes-t of it.” Ty grinned.

Different bands and people traded off on playing songs a couple times but for the most part the music was coming out of speakers instead of amps. After a few hours everyone started saying goodbye before it was just Chris, Ty, GG, Tyler, Charlie, Leon, Kevin, and Robby left.

“We’re gonna miss you man.” Leon said as Chris got ready to leave. “Yeah me too.” He told him. “Don’t be afraid to stop by every now and then.” Kevin said. “I think I’ll stick to winter visits. I thought it was hot last time I was here.” Chris laughed. “Yet I'm s-still fre-freezing.” Ty said, “Hey Tyler wh-at e-e-ever happened to th-that par-park-ka you were su-supposed to g-et me?” Tyler laughed, “I forgot.” “Some fri-end you a-are.” Ty joked. “Oh shut up.” Tyler told her.

“Well I suppose we should get going.” Chris said. Rufus barked as Chris stepped onto the sled. “Bye Chris.” The guys said. “Remember, we’ve always got you-r back.” Ty added. Chris nodded, “Alright bud let’s get home.” Rufus barked before taking off.

Chris waved back at his friends as they disappeared out of his sight. He knew he would be coming back next year. And he knew that eventually Krampus would be back one day as well. But if and when he did, Chris knew Ty and the others would be right there to help stop him.


Merry Christmas Guys :D

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