Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

Black Ice (An Unconventional Christmas Story) FINISHED

I wrote this last year but never finished in time to post it before Christmas

I'll be posting a new chapter every day until Christmas :)

When an immortal threat plots to destroy Christmas and possibly the world, Chris -Santa's son- ignores his parents warning and leaves the pole to try and stop it. Teaming up with a group of gothic outcasts Chris finds there's more at stake than originally thought. When the time comes, what will have to be given up in order to give the world Christmas?

Chapter 1

by: Luxray100
The snow was falling lightly beyond the windows of the warm barn. “Alright guys, chow time!” Chris called as he loaded the wheel barrow with a bale of hay and pushed it down the aisle. Stopping at each stall. “Joey!” he yelled as the reindeer quickly reached into the wheel barrow, pulling out an extra leaf of hay. Chris shoved the reindeer’s head away before it could steal any more. “If you keep doing that it’s nothing but low-fat grain for you.” He scolded. Joey snorted. “Hey you’re the one who insists on grabbing extras every chance you get.” He said before moving on to the next stall. From what Chris had heard Joey was exactly like his very-great-grandfather, Prancer. The energy level of a five-year-old with an espresso but the appetite of a starving pig. He looked at Joey’s sister Eva. She was Joey’s pulling partner and was able to keep Joey in line when they were pulling the sleigh. “You,” He said pointing at her, “see if you can get him to knock it off.” Eva nodded and Chris filled her trough.

There were now twenty-seven reindeer filling the stables at the North Pole. Each and every one of them was descended from the original team. Every few years one of the younger deer was chosen to replace an older member of the team. Joey and Eva were twins. A rare occurrence in the reindeer. Eva had been chosen but because of Joey’s persistence and habit of breaking out and following the sleigh every time they did a training flight Chris’s father Nick (a.k.a. “Santa”) had finally given in and decided that both Donny and Spike would retire that year. Donny and Spike had been the two oldest members of the team that year and were now enjoying their time in retirement. The current team was made up of Lightning and Walnut they were at the back of the line and were the two strongest. Then there was Joey and Eva who were in front of them. Star and Indi were next and Dusk and Storm were the leaders.

Eventually Chris would end up taking his father’s place as the next Santa but that was still a long way off. Chris had just turned nineteen last June and his father was still very much alive and kicking at forty-six. But Chris wasn’t fully sure whether that’s what he really wanted or not. Running the North Pole didn’t seem like the funnest job in the world. Chris was happy just taking care of the animals. He tried not to think about it much. His dad assured him that he wouldn’t have to worry about it for at least another fifteen-twenty years. Most Santa’s retired at about age sixty depending on what shape they were in. Although milk and cookies from every children filled, Christmas celebrating, house could add up over the years. As much as he tried Chris’s dad still couldn’t seem to beat the sugar addiction that seemed to happen to everyone after a couple years of being Santa. Chris’s mom, Amy, on the other hand was a health food nut. Nothing artificial, chemically altered, or sugary. How she ended up with a Claus was a mystery.

Chris was just finishing up when he was suddenly forced to the ground and found himself being crushed. “Rufus!” He yelled trying to hold in his laughter. The St. Bernard’s tail was wagging a mile a minute as he continued licking Chris’s face. Chris shoved him off and sat up before taking the dogs head in both hands and shaking his head playfully. “How ‘bout a bit of a warning next time.” He laughed. Rufus barked before giving Chris one final lick.

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