Roleplay Ideas

Roleplay Ideas

Just some ideas for Rps for fun!

Chapter 1

Boredom Busters?!

by: Cozy_Glow
Interpretation RPs:
☆ Necromancer & Summoned Dead
☆ Vampire & Slave

Starter RPs:
☆ Barcode - People are born with barcodes on their right wrist. This indicates their personality, likes, dislikes, etc., but there is always an empty space before the numbers. The gap can be filled with a red star, indicating one has tried to commit suicide or has 'died' & come back.

☆ Soulmate - People find there 'True Love' after turning 18 or 21 by a name that appears on their wrist. The name is written in their intendeds' handwriting, making it unique. If one dies, the name fades on the other. If the skin of the wrist is damaged, the name can appear elsewhere on the arm, moving upwards to the elbow and no more - this makes it possible to conceal forever, but hard to prove your love.

And don't be scared to share your ideas or add a twist to these! I've seen some wonderful RPs' come from wonderful minds after reading these ideas! :D


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