Dominic is one of the most popular guys around. Bad boy, leather clothed, black-haired charmer that he is, EVERYONE falls for him-... Including a shy blonde named Alex. One night at a party that they both ended up going to, Alex nervously confesses to Dominic how he feels. "Nick", as he is most commonly called, is not surprised. But he's bored so he decides having a bit of fun wouldn't hurt. Seeing how nervous Alex is, Nick quickly assumes he's the submissive type.
......Was that a mistake?

Chapter 1

Always Top.

by: Lawli_pop
Dominic shoved his way through the crowd at the nightclub. There were way too many loosers there in his opinion; but then again, ANYONE would look like a complete dork compared to him.

Nick was the most popular guy there, with girls and guys flocking around him wherever he went. Did he care? Nah.

Girls were more of a nuisance than anything. They followed him everywhere and wouldn't leave him any time to himself. Personally, he was more into males anyways. Of course, almost everyone at the perty knew that. As soon as word had gotten out a year ago that he had been caught making out with another guy, the news quickly spread that he was gay.
The only person there that he had met so far who didn't know, was a cute brunette in a pink dress who was very interested in him.
Nick could care less.
The only real downside to people from school finding out about that was that the "girl situation" did not decrease even a bit. If anything, he became even more popular with the girls.

"Hey, Dominic. Glad you made it." A voice greeted him from a few seats down when he reached the bar. "I was beginning to think they wouldn't let you in."

"I have my ways." Nick said. "I'm not exactly a kid, Josh."

Josh smiled. "Yeah but you're not an adult either. You're only seventeen."

"Not any younger than you. How did you get everyone in here?"

"What with the age limit and all, I just faked some id's. It's really not that hard. This place is pretty light with the rules. Any id, real or fake will get you in as long as the age is right." Josh answered simply.

"Sorry I'm late." Nick smirked. "I didn't have a "fake id". Had to do some persuading. Told 'em I forgot it, and that didn't work, so I gave out a few bribes and got in with no further problems."

"Sweet. Josh knowingly nodded. "Well now that you're here, what d' ya want to drink?"

Nick waved his hand dismissively. "Just get me somethin' on the rocks. Don't really care what it is. I'm not plannin' on going anywhere."

Leaning over the bar with his hands cupped over his mouth, Dominic stared at the colored lights flashing on the walls in the otherwide dark room. Two girls walked over and took the seats on his left, giggling and whispering.

Nick wondered if they knew he could hear them.

"Yeah you know, he's into guys." The blonde girl giggled.

"Seriously? Damn, he's so hot." The brunette beside her whispered.

The blonde smiled. "I know, right? My friend Holly had a serious crush on him and was devastated to find out he's gay."

"What's his name? Where do you know him from?"

"He goes to my school." The blonde said proudly. "His name's Dominic. I heard he's a Seme."

"No way! He is so perfect! Hey, he'd be great for my brothe-........"

Dominic tuned out the gossipers. He really had no interest in what they had to say, he heard the same from everyone on a daily basis.

Everyone from his school was there. Well, anyone who could get there...
Nick looked around the room as the loud music blared through the room and lights danced across the floor and walls. Josh came back with his drink and placed it in front of him. When he did so, Nick noticed Josh's gaze wasn't on him, but on a girl in a pink mid-drift top and white miniskirt who was dancing in the croud.

"Do you know her?" Dominic interrupted Josh's thoughts.

"Hell yeah, she's my girlfriend. A real hottie at that." Josh sighed, eyes never leaving the girl on the dancefloor.

"Well why are you still here?" Nick asked. "I know that look; go have some fun. I won't mind at all."

"Okay." Josh said without hesitation, a smile plastered on his face. He walked out to the girl and said something that made her laugh. She looked over at Dominic, winking at him before continuing to dance to the blasting music. Josh seemed to be enjoying himself, and Nick returned his gaze to the counter.

His thoughts began playing through his head once again as he stared off at nothing in particular.

A loud scraping noise from beside him suddenly snapped him out if his thoughts and Dominic looked up. The sound had been the legs of a chair beside him scraping against the floor. A blonde-haired boy about his same age had a hand on the back of the chair, seeming to have attempted to pull it out from under the counter of the bar.

"Um.... S-Sorry, I didn't mean to...." He stuttered, looking worredly at Nick.

"You're fine, just watch it next time." Nick dismissed.

The boy sat down in the chair, but didn't order anything. He just sat there, fidgeting his fingers. Nick was about to get up and leave when the boy finally spoke.

"Y-You're Dominic Parker from school, right?" He asked.

"Yeah." Nick answered, still mostly uninterested. "Why?"

"I'm Alex Tyler. I'm in some of your classes."

"Oh right.... I remember now... Need somethin'?" Dominic said.

"Well..... I um..... I actually wanted.... uh... I need to tell you something..." Alex rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Nick's eyes glazed over the boy in front of him. He looked to be about his same hight, had light blonde hair and crystal blue eyes. Alex had a clear complection and a look of innocence about him that struck Dominic as rather cute.

"I'm listening." Nick prodded, curiosity picking up. Alex always kept to himself at school and never really took part in any social events of parties. It was kind of odd that he would be at the nightclub.

"Uh.... so I know you're more into guys than girls and.... um.... I.... Well I really like y-you...." The shade of red on Alex's face would make blood look pink.

Honestly not surprised, Dominic nodded. "You do, huh?"

"Yeah....." Alex looked away, trying to hide the dark blush on his face.

"Well I'm not gonna lie, you are kinda cute." Nick smirked, an idea coming to mind.

He was bored as hell, so why not have a little fun before the night ends?

If it were possible to blush any harder, Alex would have turned into a cherry.

"There's an empty bedroom here that's hardley ever used...." Nick smirked. "If you don't have any other plans, of course."

"N-No, I don't." Alex said nervously.

"I'm a seme though, so don't expect me to go bottom." Dominic stood up from his chair. "I'm always top." He began walking past groups of people on the dancefloor, making his way through the crowds with Alex tagging close behind.

"That's fine by me." The blonde followed Nick down a mostly empty hallway, say for a few hook-ups using the dark hall as a hiding place for a makeout session. They finally came to a door at the end of the hall, and Dominic pulled a key from his pocket.

"Gee, how often do you come here?" Alex asked in disbelief.

"This isn't mine, I stole it. This is my first time in this nightclub. The only reason I know about this is because a brunette walked up to me earlier. She had this key in her dress and I could just see the tip of it. The girl told me about the room, wondering if I had a little "free time"." Dominic explained. " I told her no, and when she asked why, I kissed her during which I snatched up the key. Then to her disappointment told her I was gay."

Alex laughed. "That's just cold... Genius, but cold."

"Well that how life works." Nick turned the key in the door and opened it.

The room was dark, dimly lit by a long beam of blue moonlight pouring in through a window. A bed sat centered against the wall, clean white sheets draped over the sides, making the bed look completely unused. The room was actually pretty nice. There were wooden dressers and soft carpeting- but only half the room had carpet. The half with the bed and dresser had carpeting while the other half was hard-wood floor.

That half immediately drew the attention of both boys.

The only furniture on that half of the room was a single wooden chair and a table, on which sat various strips of rope and leather.... and what looked to be some type of toys. Something metal glinted in the moonlight from the table.

Dominic shivered at the strange sight. "Well, it's pretty obious what this room was used for...." He shut the door behind them and locked it, setting the key on a small table beside the bed. Both of them made their way towards the side of the room with the bed and carpet.
"This has gotta be the weirdest place I've ever seen...." Dominic commented, slipping off his shirt. The black-haired seme looked over at Alex, who was just staring at him.

"Well?" Nick said. "You gonna strip, or just stare at me the whole time?"

Alex looked straight into Nick's blue eyes, a smile tugging at the edges of his lips. "No."

Dominic crossed his arms in confusion. "What? What do you mean, "No"? You wanted to do this, right?"

"Yeah, but I think I'll keep my clothes on for now. Seeing you without yours is a lot more fun." The blonde smirked, a sly look covering his once innocent-looking face. He then reached out to the table that Nick had set the key on and grabbed the gold-painted key, pausing to look at it for a minute before tossing it aside.

Dominic's confusion was growing by the second. "Hold it, what do you think you're doing??"

Suddenly Alex had Nick pinned to the bed beneath him, holding his arms down against the matress tightly. Nick struggled against Alex's grip, but he was apparently a lot stronger than Nick had originally thought.

"Alex, what the fuçk are you doing??? Let go of me!"

Alex grinned down at him. "But why? We haven't even started yet." His gaze drifted from Dominic to the leather straps on the table across the room.

Realization suddenly hit Nick.

"You knew all along, didn't you?? You set this up!!" Nick groweled.

Alex chuckled down at him. "That I did. Aren't you smart?"

Dominic looked frantically from the metal and leather on the table to the smirking seme above him. This can't be happening....

"Alex, stop this right now!" Dominic demanded. "I told you, I'm a seme, I will NOT go bottom! Get off! Stop!!!"

"While that may be true...." Alex whispered in a sickly sweet voice, "I'm not an uke....And I always top."

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