How to Create a Good Quiz

I thought this might be interesting, and of course you can comment other ideas.

Chapter 2

How to Create a Good Survey

1. Make sure you're making the right type of quiz. Does your quiz require an outcome? No right or wrong answers? Are you just asking a question? If it's the first, a personality quiz would be fitting. The second, a survey, and the 3rd a poll or the actual open ended question option. There are so many wrongly made quizzes out there and you can test that for yourself by putting "What type of mythical creature are you?" in the search and ticking only "Survey". Pretty much all of them should be personality quizzes, not surveys.

2. Make sure you know what subject you're going to write it on, and make sure you know a bit about that topic first. This is one of my personal pet peeves. You can't make a quiz on Emo or Goth if you haven't actually done any research. This would be like me trying to make a trivia quiz on the presidents of the United States. I'm sure I know something, but I'm not sure if it's true so I'll need to research that to make sure. The media can twist words and make you believe things that aren't true, so make sure to look at multiple sources anywhere (online, books, magazines, watch films / books / documentaries etc). This step doesn't need to be done if you're making a quiz on something completely subjective, that doesn't have an actual meaning.

3. Use good grammar, spelling and punctuation. Barely anyone writes in text talk anymore, plus if called "text talk", it's called that for a good reason. It might seem a nice way to get things down quickly, but it's not nice on the receiving end. If your eyes are used to proper grammar, it can take you longer to read that than normal writing would. Plus it's 2016, we need to move forward and not stay in the year 2009.

4. Use the "Add an answer" and "Add another question" buttons! How can you decide if someone's a Goth, Punk or Metalhead if there's only three obvious options and only two questions to decide from. That's just laziness, and you may as well have not wasted time on the quiz. This is where the "I didn't have time to finish it / I made it in a rush comes in" excuse comes in. If you find yourself in that situation, use the "Save as Draft" button and come back later.

5. (Scored quiz) Make that if you're going to write a scored quiz, your answers aren't biased. If they're biased, then you're going to get a lot of angry people complaining in the comments that your opinion isn't fact based and that that isn't what they think. I came across a completely biased "Which is better; Emo or Goth?" quiz which had something like "All emos are cry baby try-hard goths" as one of the right answers. This is an opinion, not a fact. Please try and leave opinions / biased statements out of factual based quizzes. If you want to make a opinion based quiz, make a survey and make sure to give a good amount of varied opinion options for all the different minded people who might take it.

6. (Personality quiz) Try and write out completely unbiased / opinionated personality types. So this means that when you come to write out the description for the "Emo" based answer, you actually tell them what it is instead of slating them because they're not what you are. Try not to make people feel bad about themselves in your descriptions, no matter how much you disagree with what they've got.

7. (Any / Personality quiz) Try and include a picture for your title. Some people work better visually, so help them understand what you're talking about. Putting pictures in your personality quiz descriptions are a nice final touch as well (note: saving them as a draft on this page will delete the photos, so you will have to go back and put them in again if you really need to save it.)

8. (Any) Tags. The tags are there for a reason, and putting "none" or every tag on Quibblo really defeats the objective. Tags are there so you can find similar quizzes in the "Similar quizzes" or "Users also took" box. Yes, you might just want to skip all of the extra details and just get it published but paying attention to the last little details can really give your quiz a personal touch.

9. I've done this myself, but hear me out. For a little filler, you'll start off your quiz questions with something like "Lastly," or "On the last question, I asked" and that all seems harmless until you push the "Randomize questions" or "Randomize answers" button. That means everyone who views the quiz will see the questions and answers in a different order, so those statements won't make much sense (especially when you've got the "Lastly," question at the first one). That button is only great for not having to mix up your answers yourself by putting your possible personality types in a different order to the last question. So be warned.

10. I might get some aggro for this, but... "How well do you know me?" and "random" quizzes talking about purple flying banana monkeys aren't great quiz ideas. Sorry, but they're not. "How well do you know me?" isn't general trivia, which means most people aren't even going to bother. Plus information changes, so Barbie Girl might not be your favourite song in 5 years time and the quiz won't mean anything.
As for "random" quizzes, quizzes with insightful, meaningful questions are good. It's nice taking an "About you" survey and seeing questions like what food you like, what colour, what animal is your favourite ready to answer. It's not nice clicking on a quiz and seeing the words "PURPLE BANANA FLYING SWIRLY MONKEY" as a question and loads of punctuation marks as answers. I'm not going to waste my time on that survey. It means absolutely nothing at all.

That's it for now, but make sure to leave a comment if you've got something else I could add.

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