72 Hours (Poem)

I wrote this poem really late at night, so that should explain a lot.

Chapter 1

72 Hours

I no longer fear death
I only fear failure
As well as what follows it
I fear the 72 hours

I don't fear rejection from pearly white gates
I don't fear the devil and her eternal flames
I fear oblivion and the void of what's unknown
I fear the 72 hours

I don't fear what's deep inside
But I mustn't speak my mind
Because that is when my fear comes true
I fear the 72 hours

What if I take each one in power
Listen to Lilith's secrets told by the hour
I fear what I'll learn in that time
I fear the 72 hours

Or maybe I'll learn nothing at all
I'll just fake a smile and try to stand tall
Because my fears and fantasies won't come true
In only 72 hours

Instead I'll be back on track as a pawn
Starting a game of mess at square one
And to think that it only took them
72 hours


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