Back From Neverland

About someone I had an intense 3 months with. It all started in August.

Chapter 1

Back From Neverland

In my darkest hour of life
Shivering from the copious cuts
And mental anguish
You found me
And I was alone

You said I had artistic talent
You said I was intelligent
You made me feel safe
And you were emotionally available
And you were my friend
Even when I quit AA

I trusted your judgement
When you left the halfway house
I drove fifty miles to see you
At least once a week
I even met your parents
Sweet people

I trusted you to the point
That I drove you to your heroin dealer
I let you shoot up
In my own car
You convinced me because
You knew I had a curious heart

I gathered the last forty dollars I had
And it was all in change
I even lied to get forty more
To pay your probation fees
I was so attached
I kept you out of jail

You and I sat by the river side
From dusk til dawn
Just talking about everything
Just holding hands
I thought back then
That you'd always be my friend

I trusted you to make the right judgement calls
I let you convince me to do Xanax
Two months later
And I still kinda crave it at times
Everything's a good idea on Xanax you said
And it's so true because the good idea was you

I missed you every moment we were apart
It felt like withdrawal symptoms
I was willing to be your enabler
For merely a minute of attention
I didn't care if you did morphine
And spent the whole time dozing off

I didn't mind your dangerous driving
I didn't mind the lies
But then once I got a responsible job
You were no longer mine
The more adult I got
The more you pulled away

In short
You can keep the guitar
And my copy of fight club
I'm glad I never admitted that I loved you
Though I'll miss you forever
So thanks anyway for taking me to Neverland


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