Ten Dollar found father without a ftehr finds

Chapter 1


Alexander Hamilton found a computer hidden in the trash.
HE loged onto the place and Found a website callwd quibblo;com
"This is uglier than madison's arse!" He complained but he went on da wbestie anuway because he liekd to Suffer.

HE made an account there snd talked about his parent death and how he was a orphan from a town destroyed by hurricane and of all da binches said "You're lying.. You're a fake. HAHA we fakebust you. Lying on unternet is bad and everyone knows u can be burned at the steak for making up a fake profile on a fake quix website that every1 hates."

THere was only one nice ussr on the website who suported hamsandwich and her username ws mariusthememe. Her namr was PEggy schuyler and she was an amazing lesbian

dis one user on quibblo top friend was called buddingminds (NO ONE @ME FOR CYBERBULLYING I CHOSE FROM A HAT TO DECIDE WHO I SHOULD NAME DROP D: )
And den the messafed Alleycat like 'I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL FOR CREATING A FAKE PERSONA!!!!!!11111!!!!"
and alexander was always a slut for dueling so he agreed!!

He told his boyfriend Aaron Burr about it and Burr was like "no alex you might die and i don't want to live in a world without you because you are the love of my life and i would do anything for you." Lmao gay
den alexander was like "Burr i;ll be fine" and Burr agreed to be hamilton's second, BuddingMinds's second was this person from her top freidns named Annechocolate.

the seconds were like "ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN EIGHT NINE TEN PACES FIRE!" and Hamilton fired his weapon in the air and budding minds shot hamilton in the head but he didn't die because he's cool and all of you people will probably call him a mary sue but he's not, he was a terrible person who cheated on his wife!! read the Reynolds Pamphlet!!!
and burr ran up to him and was like "Alex i dont want you to die please don't die I want to spend foreevr with you" and buddingminds was like wtf??? i thougut you two hated each other???
and burr said ,NO you fool we're in lvoe!! we just pretend to hate each other. but the truth is i love alexander hamilton and i will never leave him ever. also go to hell. YOU INJURED MY BOYFRIEND."
and buddingminds weas like "WEL HE AGRRED TO THE DUEL"
and Burr was like "Go away im gonna take my precious angel home."

then later alex went onto da website and typed up a story about his duel but no one believed him!!! but they all believed BUDDINGMINDS which made alex ANGRY. fukin dubble standards! people will always beleive quibblo the user's squad but not the rest of us!! it is oppression!!

so tjis time alexander decided to duel QUIBBLO THE USER. and this time he WOULDN'T DELOPE. HE WOULD SHOOT TO KILL.
Burr loved alexander with all of his heart but he couldn't b his secnd this time because he knew alex might die and he never wanted to see his boyfriend get hurt. Ever. so he decided to wait for it (BAHAHAHA) in the car,,,

Quibblo and Alexander met at the duelign grounds a few weeks later. quibblo looked ugly and alexande rlooked really hot like damn handsome boy does he know...aaron burr is such a lucky dude/////

Quibbli's seocnd, qlockwork, and alexilton's second, Peggy (THT'S YOU MARIUSTHEMEME!!) counted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 PACES FIRE!! And boom boom. Alexander shot quibblo right through the heart and quibblo only got to shot alex in the arm lmao he's so terribke

'shot thru the heart and you're too blame darling you give lvoe a bad name" sang quibblo
"Haha no i don't love You"
QLockwork carried quivvlo away but it was too late :( HE died...

after the duel burr and hamilton were walkin back to new york city making fun of quivvlo and talking about how much they loved each other. when they got home alexander made anothr story about how he killed quibblo and he started to get bullied by quibblo's qlan but a bunch of cool people were all like Alexander I love you you're a hero!! and alex took over the site and made it good. the end


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