Holy Sh^t..Is everyone alive?!

Chapter 1

Long time no see!

by: Hayato
Okay so lemme break it down for you guys. I was on Virtual space (An awesome App community that isn't dead) and i thought to myself "Hmm i wonder if anyone still gets on Quibblo" and like that i log in and i still see people active, who would've thought right?

For those of you who don't know i've been on this site for a good while now, ever since i was Freshman (I'm now in my Senior Year) and i have to say this site has done a lot for me and the people i met are just f**king amazing and i have no idea how i could repay all of you who were there when i made this account.

But if any of you are still Active and remember my dumbself shoot me a message or even better yet Kik me(xCrimsonDemonx) or follow me the Twitter i don't have! Or even follow me at www.Eharmony.com/DaddyLongLegs

Lol in all seriousness i just wanted to take the time to see what's poppin in the Quibblo community and to make sure you guys aren't completely dead yet, cause like seriously Quibblo you had us F'd up for the past 2-3 years my dude. Any who Drink Almond milk, Finger your Faucet and drink Fruit cups :)


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