Art Class

Maybe a short story, maybe a longer story inspired by something on tumblr, I don't really know yet. It's probably gonna have lesbians in it though.

Chapter 1

The post thingy

by: KrisWolff
Inspiration from Tumblr~
art classrooms are the opposite of liminal space
it has something to do with the paint on the walls, the tables, the floor, the electrical outlets; the cans with their labels torn off sitting in the sink, full of paint-colored water; the pencil doodles on the tables that get erased and changed constantly; the way everything is arranged slightly differently every time you go in; the half-finished projects everywhere in sight, laying on drying racks, hanging on the wall, propped up on an easel. everything about it suggests continuous use even when it’s empty. it suggests continuity and returning and belonging

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