I am LIVID over being called out for a "dress code" violation, which was UNFAIR because 4 other people in the class were wearing something similar and weren't called out

Chapter 1

Here's what happened...

I should make note of a few things:
1) The school I go to just opened this year. I am a junior and the first graduating class, there's no seniors. The program for performing and visual arts got switched from my old school to the new one, and I switched with it for Creative Writing. Because we're new, we still haven't worked out all the kinks, but we're getting there. No one ever explained all the details of the dress code, all I know is that leggings can't be see through and if your shirt is sheer, wear a tank top under it.
2) Last week was spirit week, so people were wearing some really crazy stuff. Friday was decades day, and there was a lot of out-there clothes.

So yesterday, I went for the 50s. I wore black kitten heels, white bobby socks, a long pink poodle skirt that reached my ankles and I wore it around my waist, tucked my plain white tank top into the skirt, and wore a pink sweater over it. Nothing inappropriate about that right? Honestly I thought it was really modest. As a tall, curvy girl, modest isn't easy. Shorts and skirts are my worst enemy, anything low cut makes me look like I'm TRYING to get boys to look there! Really I'm not!

Skip to French, last class of the day. I come in DYING of heatstroke because it's so crowded and humid in that class. I see that our usually easy going administrator (Like a vice principal) is listening in on part of our class today. Because I'm so hot, I slide my sweater down my shoulders but I DON'T take it off. Underneath, all I have on is my white, spaghetti-strap tank, no bra and no bra straps. No sooner than I have it slide down just off my shoulders, do I hear the administrator bark at me to put my sweater on ALL the way. So I just sat there, getting even hotter while she was sitting across the room, watching our class.

Then I look around. 4 OTHER PEOPLE IN THE CLASS HAVE ON TANK TOPS AND THE ADMINISTRATOR NEVER SAID ANYTHING TO THEM! One girl was wearing something with nearly her whole back showing right next to the administrator and she does nothing. That's when I noticed something.

Those four other girls were all petite. All fairly skinny, not at all chubby like me.

When the administrator left, I asked my French teacher what the dress code was exactly, and she said she didn't know because she didn't enforce it. She was right when she said it's harder for curvy girls like us to find clothes that work. She thinks the dress code is stupid and instead of teaching boys to respect girls no matter what they're wearing, it teaches girl to dress so we don't distract boys. If a guy is distracted by a girl showing her shoulders, why not remove him from class instead of making the girl leave class and get a change of clothes?

Uncle Jordan said he might talk to the school about it. If he doesn't, should I say anything about it? Should I ask what the policy on tank tops are? Should I just let it go?


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