Scratches (Update #3)

If you see something I might have missed as in a detail or a misspelling please message me it would be appreciated XD

Chapter 1


“I am Marcus Feral, I am 16 years old, and I am being punished for my actions.” I repeated in my mind for the millionth time. In some ways it was helping my sanity, and at the same time it wasn't. As I sat in the corner of my cell, I thought of why I’m in this hell hole, and I couldn't remember what I did to deserve this. As I tried to bring up some memory from before the first day here, the hatch in the door slid open, and the voice of a man came through “Sorry for interrupting, I’m sure you were quite busy,” he laughed and pushed a tray of food through the opening and shut it again. I stood, but struggled against the chain locked around my ankle. It had already rubbed my ankle raw, I grimaced at the smell when the scabs tore open, and shuffled to the tray of food on the floor. As I picked it up I saw my reflection in the metal tray: dark hair, light colored eyes, and a scar running from my left cheek down to my chin. I sat back down with a grunt and sourly began eating. I looked up, and stared at the other side of the room, and mumbled “I am Marcus Feral, I am 16 years old, and I am being punished for something I don't even remember.”
The air was always so hot here, my thoughts sometimes drifted to how the air felt outside the cell, but the chain would always stop me from getting too far into those thoughts. The shock would always come as soon as I thought of escape. “**** this place.” I thought miserably, and stared at the distant wall. This is what I did most days, just stared at the farthest wall and did nothing else. The only time I would really move is when I used the toilet, but mostly I just felt too tired to move. As I finished my tray of food I stood and pressed the button at the top right corner of the door frame, and held it. As I dropped the food tray onto the floor I winced as I heard something shatter. I knelt down, and nudged the tray aside to find a note surrounded by what looked like brittle metal. I picked up the note tenderly. It looked so old, like it would fall apart at any second. I just sat and stared at it, contemplating what was inside, not having the nerve to tear it open for myself just yet. Gingerly I flipped it over and saw a cracked seal holding the envelope together, it looked like a scythe being held by a skeletal hand. “If that doesn't raise any red flags, I don't know what will.” I said to myself matter of factly. I broke the seal as carefully as possible, and slowly began to open the folded parchment. When it was finally open I began to read Do you like your cell? Yes or No? I stared blankly at the note completely dumbfounded. I threw the note to the floor and screamed “WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MEAN!!!” then punched the wall instantly regretting it, I cradled my hand with my left and slowly slid down the wall. I watched as the blood from my knuckles ran down my hand onto the floor. Something from the corner of my eye caught my attention. I glanced over at it then stared, and that's when I knew everything was about to change.
The opening looked about half a foot tall, and a foot and a half wide at the bottom of the steel door. I got to my feet, and walked to the hole gingerly I got to my knees then tried to reach through, but my hand hit something not there, confused, I pushed harder until I felt it give a little then go back to flat. Angrily I stood then kicked it with all my might I felt it bend around my foot, and I grinned, but suddenly I felt something push my foot from the outside with such force it pulled my leg out from under me, and I went face first into the door. As I was laying on the floor, I felt something under the palm of my hand, I gripped it tightly then brought it into view. I stared at the note pondering what other choices I can make. “Wait…” I thought “If it can come in….” I sat up and looked at the crack under the door then crept closer to it. The note was a few inches away from the opening and I began to ponder. I winced as I shifted into a better position then unconsciously began to rub the chain around my ankle as if it was reminding me that even if that was the way out I wouldn't be able to leave.


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