Curiosity Killed The Kat

Highschool, friendships, self discovery, and first times. Can Kat handle all of it?

Chapter 1


I'm Kat. At least that's what Anaya called me. My name was Katerina. I liked Katerina. It was a name that sounded like silky hair and bright eyes. It didn't mirror my own reflection that I stared into that morning only to see long dark box braids, dark skin, dark eyes, and darkness. But sometimes, if I looked hard enough, I could almost picture Katerina's radiant perfection.

"Heaven! This is the third time, get down here!" my mother called.

She called me Heaven. She believed that that's where we'd all meet again at the end of it all. Heaven was the thing that gave her hope. However, we both seemed bound to disappoint her. Heaven was the gated and divine place in the sky as well as the series of squiggly lines on my birth certificate, but not my name. Despite this, Heaven and I had something in common. I didn't believe in either of us.

"Coming Mama!" I shouted back down, rolling my eyes a bit. I enjoyed having personal time, but I always woke up too late to get it. Dreaming has always been a better alternative than reality, anyway.

I strapped my backpack onto my shoulders and felt the weight of it before walking away from my mirror. I spent a lot of time looking in it each morning. I never saw it as a thing of self obsession or vanity, since I was always able to easily spot each thing that I wanted to change to make me less Heaven and more Katerina. Instead, I was just in between. And that's why I called myself Kat.

I walked toward my bedroom door and opened it before heading down the stairs. I was then greeted by my mother and little brother, Emmanuel who was eagerly waiting and somehow even smiling that this time. At that age, learning is exciting, people are kind, and school actually isn't a total hellhole.

"Y'all are both gonna be late if you don't get going," Mama said. She said this to us just about every morning. Us getting our education has always been important to her.

With that I nodded at Emmanuel and gestured for him to follow me out the door. I walked outside of my house and into the outside world. It could feel like a home when Anaya was there and I was lucky enough to have grown up just next door to her in a townhouse connected to her family's.

She greeted me like always. Even though she was an early riser and all I ever did was make her late, she still cared enough to wait for me.

She smiled at me as we met on the sidewalk.

"Hey Kat." She looked down and behind her to see Emmanuel. "Hey Emmanuel."

Emmanuel smiled at her and said "hello" back, like always.

Like any school morning, we continued to walk. We stepped on the glistening early September sidewalk farther from our homes. I tried to enjoy the heat of the warm summer sun as the cool autumn chill was to approach soon. I tried to enjoy it while we walked past the row homes, small yards, cracked concrete, and satellite dishes. It seemed like the type of street that Katerina would never set foot on. Finally, we came to the bus stop and could release my brother into his faded red brick elementary school. It certainly wasn't that I minded the company of my kid brother, but you can't exactly have your average conversation with your best friend with little ears ready to listen. With that, I took a glance at my watch.

"And, we're on time. Barely. I think..." I said, looking up from the watch.

"Yeah, I see. C'mon," Anaya replied, gesturing toward the crowded yellow school bus.

I followed Anaya into the school bus. We took our seats near the middle of the bus and plopped our backpacks down at our feet.

Anaya and I hardly spoke to each other on the school bus. We did communicate, just not verbally. The school bus was always far too loud. It was as if among the mass of shouts there were students trying to compete to see who could be heard above it all. Either way, we sat in silence. We were on our way to school. In other words, we were both hellbound.


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