Wish Upon a Star

Not my base idea (it'll be italicized): It came from tumblr, a screenshot of someone on twitter- I can't remember who

Chapter 1

Prompt and Intro (Intro box is too small to include all of it, sorry!)

by: KrisWolff
When you wish upon a star, it's actually a satellite, and your wish has been recorded and cataloged. An agent has been assigned to your case.

Melanie Sullivan wants nothing more than to protect her loved ones- protect them from the inevitable draft for the war no one but the men in charge wanted. Her father and brother are all she has, and if they're drafted, she has no one.
Andrew Yi is one of an unknown number of agents scattered around the world whose mission is to grant the hopes and dreams of civilians everywhere without being detected. The end goal, no one but the very highest-ranking leaders know, but that doesn't stop the endless speculation between friends in the program.
Every wish is cataloged, and only a certain few are worked on out of hundreds, thousands even, but when Andrew finds one of these lists on an unattended computer, he's struck by the sheer number of a single wish made by one seventeen year-old, and he dedicates himself to finding her and helping her, against the rules of the agency.


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