Please read!! we are back,recruitment

Chapter 1


by: _othuna
Dear All,
The QOrgTeam organization that was started in 2015 is back but will be divided into smaller organizations. Don't hesitate to join one or more of them :) We are still on our mission to restore Quibblo. Here are the 3 organizations:

Quibblo Entertainment HQ
This organization will be responsible for entertainment on Quibblo, like contests, games,online parties, and so on.
Recruitment form:

Quibblo Advertisers
This organization will be responsible for advertising Quibblo on other social media sites and in other places to bring to users to the website.
Recruitment form:

Group stories frenzy
This organization is responsible for starting interesting group stories that users complete, in order to retain the old trend of group stories on Quibblo.
Recruitment form:

Don't miss the chance of being a part of the QOrgTeam sub organizations and making a difference on Quibblo :)

If you have any questions ask us in the comments :)


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