How Fast Things Can Change

This is the actual account of how my life changed between high school and college. It will have its ups and downs, its highs and lows, and its goods and bads. Progress on this work may be slow, but it will get done!

Chapter 1

Flashback: Senior Year and The Decision

Following my junior year of high school at Oak Grove Lutheran School in Fargo, North Dakota, I had my mind set on my future, which included college, as well as the type of job that I wanted. I had it all planned out. Following graduation, I would enroll at Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, and complete the courses necessary to become an archivist. Over the summer between my junior and senior years (2013), I worked as a research assistant intern at the Archives at the Clay County Museum in Moorhead. It took my passion and love of history and artifacts and merged them into something that occupied my summer, being the internship. In addition to the internship, I also was a student coach for our football program at Oak Grove. In early June, I attended the Cobber 7-on-7 Football Passing Tourney at Concordia, and went to the Fargo North 7-on-7 Passing League at Fargo North High School in Fargo. Also for a few weeks prior to the beginning of school, I attended our team football practice nearly every day. This was one of my more busier summers.
Fast forward to August 2013, when senior year began. School was great, social life was great, I got my homework done, grades were great. And even thought the varsity football team went 1-8 and JV went 1-3, it was interesting to experience something new. I wasn't treated well by the coaches, but while I'm writing this, the past is the past.
Now let's get back to the whole "future" aspect of this story. As the school year continued, my mind was still set on the Concordia route. Well into Christmas break, I still had the same thoughts. However, that would soon change.

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