Charmed ~ Duo Story

Chapter 27

Giving In - Edgar

Why doesn't Carol trust me? I'd swear she thinks I'm some sort of criminal with the look she just gave me. That look.

I've never seen her look at me like that. There was such anger, sadness and disgust in that one look. That wasn't what sent me ruining after her though. It was the fear in her gaze that set me on edge. How the hell could I do something so horrible and not even realize it? I mean choking out Cecelia? Something's not right.

"Hey Carol. Carol!" I chase after her. I put her in such an emotional state and I don't even know what I did. I catch up to her, right before the stairway and grab her shoulder, spinning her towards me. "Carol, what the hell?"

"Are you 'what the hell'-ing me?" She snaps, shaking my hand from her. "I don't know what is wrong with you, but I can't do this anymore. Cecelia's plans are simply a load of insane ramblings. She's not protecting us Edgar. She's getting us into these messes. And you-"

"What about me?"

"You're insane!" Her dark eyes narrow in accusation and I gape back at her. "You are not stable. This mission is changing you."

"I am the same person I've always been!" I yell at her, fists clenching at my side.

Her eyes find my hands at my sides and I loosen them a bit. "Maybe so. But I need to be with my family."


"Don't follow me this time Edgar. I'm going to find a bus station and make my way back to Vegas." Carol sighs, rubbing the bridge of her nose. "I'll text you when I get there safely."

"Carol, don't do this." I plead, but her back is already turned and her pace is determined and steady as she walks away from me.

I want to run after her, keep her with me, but for some reason, my feet won't move.

Let her run. She's weak. She's holding you back.

No, Carol is my friend. I need her.

I open my mouth to scream her name, but nothing comes out. I simply stand there, gaping dumbly after her. All feeling of direction and feeling just seems to vanish from my body in little wisps.

A warmth spreads through my chest and through that Crack on my stone.

I feel ... calm.

You don't want her. She's nameless. She left you. You want the Power that I can give you.

I find my head nodding in determination though my hands shake in nervousness. What can I do to get that power? I want it.

If you really want it. Kill that man.

My eyes lock onto a guy, maybe thirties watering the plants in front of the hotel. He must be a gardener or someone. Why him?

Because you can Edgar. You want your second Crack? Kill that man.

My hands clench as I eye that man who's now pausing as if to take a break. I stare at him. Watch him breathe. Watch the sweat trickle down his neck and trace the edge of his neck like a sensual lover.

I imagine my own hands tracing the curve of his neck and he blinks in surprise. I could kill this man so easily. I could turn his mind against him. I could turn him insane.

You can do anything Edgar.

The man is now brushing his neck feeling uncomfortable I presume.

I imagine a needle poking him in his wrist. He jumps, slapping his arm as if he thinks a mosquito bit him. I feel the corners of my lips turn up. I could torture this guy. I could do it. And I want him to look me in my eyes as I turn himself against himself. Turn him inside out.

That's the spirit Edgar.

I find my feet moving towards the man, a large grin splitting my face open. Like he'll feel like he's split open.

I begin to laugh.

That's my boy.

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