Charmed ~ Duo Story

Chapter 2

Prompt - Cecelia

by: Grunge
Waiting outside in crisp grey skies, I shift the keys to Mercedes between my fingers in anticipation until Edgar Thompson returns with his accomplice. Her name is Carol Jepson. Clad casually with dark bouncing hair, she shuffles after him carrying a McDonald's bag in one hand and a makeup bag in the other.

As they stand before me I can sense an uncertainty in the air. However, I have achieved this notion solely from psychological education alone. Although I do harbour the power of Clairvoyance I am limited with its use. Without a physical aid such as a crystal ball, deck of tarot cards, or the creases of one's palms I cannot confirm any speculation in regards to the future. Of course I could simply wait it out like a human, but that's not very efficient. Luckily, I am a strategist of sorts. I revel in the art of planning and take great joy in researching. Today's schedule states I consult these two fellow Charmed about their future.

I have been anticipating this move for three months.

"Okay, lady, what is it you want with us?" asks Edgar Thompson who has placed his left hand rather sassily on his hip.

I motion forward with my free hand and lead them towards the black c240.

"Into the vehicle," I direct the pair as I slide into the drivers seat and start the engine. Edgar reaches for the passenger door, but changes his mind as I say, "Back seat."

After they exchange a few word-like glances and settle into their seats, sipping coffee, I take off. I am not a talented driver. This fact causes their McDonald's order to spill onto their laps.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Carol Jepson mumbles, her face displaying an agitated appearance as coffee pools in her lap.

"Don't worry about that," I reassure her, "I'll have my Butler, Gerald, clean it."

Carol groans as she wipes down her jeans, "These were new..."

Edgar chuckles impishly at her materialistic loss and in retaliation she dumps the remainder of her breakfast onto his head.

"Okay, now that was unnecessary." he sighs, wiping his face free of pancake and sausage residue. I suppose you would call that grease.

"Please do refrain from any potential food fights, at least, thank you." I call from over my shoulder as I take a 90 degree turn perhaps 15 miles to fast. I'm improving.

"So, do you think you could maybe tell us where you're taking us? Or, I don't know, maybe your name or something?" Edgar Thompson asks, gripping the door.

"My name is Cecelia Edieth Faye Callahorn III," I state, nearly rolling over an elderly couple attempting to cross, "I am taking you somewhere much more dignified and significantly more private than McDonald's. Now, please, no talking. Enjoy the silence."

Carol offers a few reassuring murmurs to Edgar who responds by crossing his arms, then we ride in silence. Driving is a prime time for my ponderings which I tend to only properly perform in the quiet. I had the radio removed to preserve this preference.

Fifteen minutes pass before we eventually climb the steep hill leading to my residence. It's a sheltered unit, surrounded by a thick fur tree barrier and a towering iron gate. The stocky silhouette of Gerald waits patiently beyond the dark bars, backlit by white fog. As we approach, he opens the gate, then closes it swiftly after our entrance and returns to his daily work.

After we exit the vehicle I lead the two Charmed through the front doors and into the main living space. The ceilings are expansive and it's furnished generously, but the place is a shack compared to my parents house. I dearly miss it's size and elaborate architecture. However, I'm sure my first home is a mansion in Edgar Thompson's eyes, and perhap's even Carol Jepson's as well. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if that magician boy lived in a refrigerator box downtown.

Carol clears her throat, "Just so you know, because for some reason you haven't researched it already, Ed actually has his own apartment, he's not homeless. He just works for his money. Don't know that feeling?"

"Let's be honest, an apartment downtown is basically still a box on the side of the street." I say quickly, "And one's home structure isn't too large of a variable when determining their future... usually..."

"What business do you have doing that?" Edgar challenges, taking a seat at the dining table and turning the seat out so he can cross his long legs. "Determining my future?"

"I brought you two here to discuss something along those lines, actually." I explain, briefly walking over to the front door and locking it as I begin to hear Gerald swearing outside. "Have either of you been watching this news lately?"

They shake their heads.

"Good, it's useless. However, if you were watching the news a few months ago you may have caught the few instances in which the news covered stories of the deaths of a few Charmed people."

Silence. Excusing Gerald's profanity.

"Still no? Well, let me cut this short because I only have approximately fourteen minutes left before I take you back to McDonald's-"

Edgar cuts in, "Actually, do you think you could drop us off downtown? Because I need to do my daily rounds. Money doesn't make itself."

"Uh, yes, of course. However that cuts our time down to six minutes..." I begin to pace, murmuring under my breath, "And I have a few errands to run after this so Gerald will have to take you there..."

Carol sits down in the chair across from Edgar as he begins playing with his cards.

I clear my throat, leaning on the table in front of them, "Anyway- The Charmed are going extinct. We're being murdered. Weeded out. Exterminated." I lock eyes with Edgar Thompson, "I can tell you fifty of the most probable ways you could die today and the number one outcome derives from you being Charmed."

He is quiet, but holds my gaze. "There is an organization targeting us solely due to be fact that we are Charmed," I continue, shifting my eyes toward Carol's, "And if you to decide to continue your lives as before, you will be victims of this threat sooner than you can imagine."

I pause for an extended moment, then tap my fingers rhythmically on the table's wood surface. "Now, I know that Charmed don't usually tend to interact with each other, but by distancing ourselves from our own people it is easier for our enemy to wipe us out one by one, because that's what they have been doing for months now and it seems to be working out splendidly for them." I back away from the table and study my palm. "However, by collaborating our powers I can guarantee that our chances of survival will skyrocket."

Carol shifts in her seat uneasily, "I can tell you're dead serious... and you know what you're talking about, but-"

"Time's up," Edgar Thompson interrupts staring at the Grandfather clock by the front door, "Thanks for the warning, but we've got to get to work. Also I haven't forgotten about that 300 dollars."

I glance over at the clock as he rises from the wooden chair, Carol mimicking his actions reluctantly. He was right.

"Gerald should have the money for you when you get in the car," I explain as I unlock and open the front entrance, seeing Gerald already in the driver's side of the c240. Sometimes I swear I'm not the only one who can see the future in this household. He revs the engine while Edgar and Carol begin to file out of the door.

"Meet me at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino tomorrow at 6:00 p.m when you decide to join me." I direct them, catching Edgar's eye before he turns around. "I'll treat the two of you to dinner at Le Cirque, and don't think you're getting any glory out of standing up a rich girl by not showing. You two are not the only Charmed I've approached."

Edgar doesn't look back as he waves, "See you never!"

"Make sure you dress formally!" I call after them as they climb into the back of Mercedes.

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