Racism & JK Rowling


Chapter 1


by: KrisWolff
Okay, so I just read on article on how JK's Ilvermony school is racist and oppressive to Native Americans, and frankly, I agree. I took down that quiz that was "What's your hogwarts/Ilvermony house combo?" because I don't want to in any way support JK Rowling's racism. I haven't read or seen or whatever that thing is with Ilvermony, I don't even know what it's called, but I'm not going to support it willingly. I still like Harry Potter, but I'm not gonna post anything about Ilvermony.

I'm not Native, so I'm not gonna try and explain how it's racist because I'm not an expert or anything. But what I found was that she gave no backstory on the Native characters who founded the school or whatever, and she gave a bunch of backstory to the Irish character. She was generally disrespectful of Natives and she played down the genocide of their people. The House names (at least 2 of them that I know of) were taken from Native culture, and I'm not going to act like that's okay.

I don't care how anyone else treats that thing she wrote or whatever Ilvermony is from, but I'm just explaining my reasons why I took that quiz down. You don't have to agree with me, and I don't really mind if you disagree. Again, I'm just stating my personal reasons for taking that quiz down, and that's why I don't call myself a "Ravenclaw Thunderbird" on my bio or anywhere, because I'm not going to lay claim to a Native term that doesn't belong to me.

Anyway, yeah. Cultural appropriation is bad, kids. ;o


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