Kiss Of Destruction (A Group Story)

Chapter 2

Chapter 2~Lana

by: Avehx
Audrey Wood, as many know her by, is actually a vampire that has lived for precisely 97 years. Her actual name is Lana De Asneriis or Lana Denyer. The Denyer's family consists of Lana, her mother, her sister, and her two
brothers. Their ages range from 80-164. The eldest in the family is called Lila, but the Denyer's just call her Mother. Lana is considered Mothers favorite, and she just loves to rub that in her family's face. The only problem is...Mother doesn't know that Lana is gay. Lana knows that if Mother ever found out she would throw a fit and probably destroy a whole town. Mother can be really intense if she thinks that something has changed dramatically. Lana desperately wishes could make her see that she's always been that way. Nothing really changes except the fact that she's into girls, and really, what's the issue with that?

Lana and her girlfriend have been dating for roughly 10 years. They met in a dark alleyway both searching for a meal. As soon as their eyes met they knew they were destined to be together... Eleanor Dillon is 100 years old.
She's sweet, sensitive, easy to read, but is easily jealous and controlling. If Lana so much as looks at another girl Eleanor will rip her throat out within seconds.
My name is Lana, my favorite color is green, and one of my favorite hobbies is painting. I usually get around town(s) by riding on my motorcycle. My motorcycle is a dual-sport motorcycle because I figured I needed one
that could do on and off-road uses. My motorcycle is bright red with a single black stripe on it. I never wear helmets, because honestly, ew. Who the heck wears helmets?

Mother decided that it's best if everyone goes by a new name and new information so that nobody suspects anything when we're moving into this new town. Each of us can choose a fake name and fake alias to use in the new town. When we're at home we usually just use our real names so it doesn't get confusing. It's hard enough remembering my own name and alias, I don't want to learn theirs as well.

A vampire can live for a long time. The longest I've heard a vampire to live is over 500 years. I'm planning on living to be 501 just so that I can say I'm the oldest vampire alive. There are many different methods to kill us
vampires, such as stakes, sunlight, large knives, and holy water. We can't attend school, unless it's night school (not that we'd want to anyway), we can't go to church, the list just goes on and on.

All of us in the Denyer's family can feel exactly what the other is feeling. So for example, if my little sister is feeling angry with our Mother we can all sense it. It's how we're such a close knit family. There's basically no secrets...well, maybe a few. It's not like we can read each others minds. We just sense what the other is feeling. We have to be close to feel it, so for example: I'm standing about 2 miles away, they wouldn't be able to sense my feelings. However, if one of our family dies anwhere, then we would all know. It's one of the most painful things to experience other than turning someone. It's like severing the bond between us, and it makes us all weak.

The longest I've gone without blood is 3 days, and I was a complete mess! My eyes were bloodshot and my skin was unusually pale. Personally, I think every self-respecting vampire should drink at least one person per
day. I prefer 3 people per day but that's just me. We can pretty much drink anywhere from the body. I don't have any preferences, but Eleanor, she likes drinking from the wrist. Probably because it's the least messy method.

There's so much you can tell about a person by the way their neck looks. I do always appreciate a good looking neck. Some vampires prefer a certain type of person, but honestly, I don't give a darn. Blood is blood, whether it's from a jerk or a sweet person. I don't particularly like hurting innocent people, but sometimes if I'm really desperate it happens.

My Mother decided for us to move to yet another town now where we yet again pick out our names and aliases. I chose Audrey Wood; A sweet high school girl who plans on becoming a veterinarian. She/I live with my Mother
who single-handedly raised me and my siblings. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers. My sister is 12 years old, and she chose her name quite easily. Marie Wood, although her actual name is Anita Denyer, is really 81
years old. My two brothers are now going by the names of Johnny and Jim, are about the same age as me (18). Technically, they're 92 years old, and technically they're names are Tom and Tim Denyer. For some reason
they always decide to go with similar names, but honestly, it just makes things way confusing.

I walk into the living room, noticing my Mother sitting quietly on the couch.
"Hey, mom. I think I'm going to head out."

"Okay sweety, but don't stay out too late." She smiles back at me. I really don't know why she gives us all a curfew, we're creatures of the night. I turn towards the door rolling my eyes after I know she can't see me.
I grab my brown purse, the one with the ruffles on the side of it, and push the front door open. I walk out towards the main street where I know there'll be plenty of shops and new places to explore. I scan the area, searching for a very specific place. I spy just what I'm looking for a few blocks down, a cozy little book store.
"And it's still open!" I smile and begin speed-walking up the street.

As I walk in the familiar smell of dust, paper, and ink fills me with memories. I remember back in the last town we were at (Tulsa), Eleanor and I had always spent our Friday nights at a cute little bookstore, quite like this one. We'd always find someone to eat together there, along with an interesting book. I sniff the air, and faintly smell the strong aroma of axe, or some similar type of cologne. I walk around checking out the books along the way. I stumble across the Harry Potter series. I've already read all of the books, but it was such a great series that I decide to re-read it. I place the book into my purse, careful not to bend any pages. I look down the halls searching for the guy I know should be around here somewhere. Ah, there he is. He has blonde hair and brown eyes. I think maybe mundane females would've find him attractive, if not for the black nail polish and black eye-liner. Though, some females might like that in a guy. I suppose I'm not the best to judge seeing as I'm only interested in Eleanor. I hear my tummy do a low growl, and decide it's time for dinner. I walk over to him and poke him in the back.

In the sweetest most innocent voice I could muster, "Um, excuse me. I'm new to town, and I was wondering if you knew the best places to eat..?"
He returns the smile and sets his book down, "Yeah, do you want me to point some out for you?" I nod and take his hand as he leads me out the door. We walk past a dark alley, and I push him down.

"What the heck?" he yelps. My gaze suddenly turns dark, making him realize just how serious this situation is.

"Woah, lady. If you're looking for money, here! Just take it!" he pulls out some cash.

"It's not cash I'm after" I smile at him, cocking my head to the side.
I pounce, pushing my fangs into his neck, taking just enough for him to pass out. I drop him to the ground, licking the last drops of blood off my lips. Ah, that was exactly what I needed, and very refreshing. I smile and
stride down the street.
Eleanor begins exploring the town that's laid out in front of her. She looks around, hearing a commotion down an alleyway. She watches as Lana begins to walk further into the town. Eleanor finally reaches the alleyway
noticing a body. It was the body of a young man, and unfortunately he was still alive. She frowns suddenly,

"Lana didn't kill him?" she asks confused.
She reaches him, picks him up, and snaps his neck. It's not worth it if you don't kill them...
Eleanor walks away from the poor boy not giving him even a second glance. For her, he's just garbage now. She stumbles across a lively dance club, and decides she needs a little fun.
I walk up and down the streets twice finally stopping at a dance club called 'The Silver Rouge'. I walk into the dance club, and the first thing I notice is Eleanor. I begin walking towards her when I'm suddenly stopped
by a tall man.

"Heeeeeyyyy. I haven't seen you around here before." he says, and it's very obvious that he's drunk.

"Don't." I reply with my look that says 'I will kill you if you continue to talk to me'. He doesn't get the hint and continues talking. Quickly I spin around, pushing him to the floor. Eleanor notices the commotion and
narrows her eyes at him. She pushes through the crowd to get to us.

"Who is he?" She asks accusingly

"El, you do know I'm a lesbian... right?"
She turns her glare towards me, "Why were you guys flirting?!"
I sigh, "El, my golden goddess, you know the only one I love is you." I wrap my arms around her waist. She returns the embrace pulling me closer possessively.

"You thirsty?" I ask trying to change the subject, hoping that she won't kill him for flirting. She nods, "Water, please?" I begin to pull away, but she pulls me right back into one of her sweet kisses. After a few minutes
I hesitantly pull away and walk towards the bar.
"May I have a bottle of water please?" I ask kindly, trying to put my sweetest smile on. I focus all my attention and gaze deeply into the bartender's eyes. 'You want to give me a free drink!' I think

"On the house!" He smiles at me. He doesn't realize I just used my power of suggestion to get my girlfriend a free drink. I snicker as I walk back towards Eleanor. After handing her the bottle I pull out my phone to check
the time.


"I should get going. I'll see you at home 'kay?" I ask, pecking her lips.

"Yeah, and thanks for the water. I think I'm going to stay awhile though." I try to hide my disappointment with a smile.

"Hey, babe, why don't you ever kill your meals?" she asks suddenly. I look over at her, noticing her shy smile. I frown, "What do you mean..?" I ask worriedly. She misinterprets my worried frown, "Don't worry, I won't tell the others. You know, you should really be more careful."
I breathe out a sigh of relief.

This has all been a little too much excitement for one night. I think I need a nice warm shower to soothe my nerves.
"I gotta go.." I say after a moment, exiting slowly. I turn around before I leave completely, seeing Eleanor watch my exit. I point towards my phone making a 'text me' gesture.

As soon as I get home I realize my mistake. I can faintly hear my mother and sister arguing yet again. On second thought I think I'm going to stay out a little later, at least until I think they're done fighting. I practically floor it outta there. I drive past a small cafe called 'Maria's Cafe'. That could be a great place to read some of my new book, and take my mind off of everything.

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