Kiss Of Destruction (A Group Story)

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~Tess

by: KrisWolff
I wake up with a jolt. I try to think for a second, to figure out why I woke up, when I hear a crash. It's like a dish falling on the floor and breaking, only more deafening, and so much more terrifying.
"Mom?" I dare not raise my voice any higher than a whisper. "Momma?" I pull my legs to my chest and try to calm myself down. My heart is pumping, faster than ever before, faster than when my mom convinced me to go on that roller coaster with the loops, faster than I think it must ever beat again. My doorknob begins to turn, slowly, and I begin crying, imagining all of the horrible things this invader will do to me, to my mom.
It opens slowly and I don't see anything but the silhouette, but I decide that's enough. I have to act, or die. Act or die.
I leap up from the bed and I barrel into the figure, only to find them much easier to throw off balance than I thought. I hear a familiar yelp and an even more familiar yowl, and all my fight leaves my body.
"Momma? Daisy?" I put my head in my hands.

"Yeah, baby, what the h.ll happened to you? What's with the tackle?" I hear the slightest amusement in my mom's voice and I become embarrassed, but I defend my actions.
"I thought you were... a robber or a murderer rapist or something. I'm sorry."

"Oh, hon, I'm sorry. Daisy was climbing the counters and he knocked a couple plates down," my mom's face is spooky and unreal in the dim moonlight shining though the window from the kitchen. "I grabbed him before he could hurt himself on the shards, and I wanted to let ya know he was okay."

I stand silent, my stomach twisting in coming down from my adrenaline surge and because of the weird mixture of emotions.

"I'm sorry for scaring you, Tess. Go back to bed." My mom squeezes my shoulder softly before turning around and heading to the kitchen, presumably to clean up the glass my cat broke. I take a deep breath. Who know I had the force and willpower to actually attempt to go at an attacker?

The next morning, on the school bus, I sit in the back, still reeling a little from last night. One of my acquaintances, I don't want to say friend, sits by me, and I sigh internally.

"Hey, Tess. What's up?" Julie says, smiling sweetly. I feel bad and I don't want to be mean, so I return the smile and shrug.
I look out the window and I see a young woman with black biker boots and dark espresso-brown hair standing in the shadow of some building, and something about her keeps my gaze, but before I can see her face, we've passed her. Huh. I turn back to Julie.
"Actually, something happened last night..." And I tell her the whole story.

"Wow! That sounds intense. Are you okay now?" She asks, and she seems genuinely concerned.
"Yeah...yeah, I'm good now. Thanks for asking," I say. I consider it for a moment, but then decide what's the harm. I lean against her. I can feel her go stiff but then relax. This is nice.

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