Chocolate Games

Mello x Matt. I think this is gonna be a two-shot, but I'm not yet positive.
Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note. No matter how much I wish I did.
Yaoi Lemon and a bit OOC, sorry, so if you don't like, don't read. Enough said.
PS: Lemon is in the next chapter. Yeah, so much for Enough Said.... XD
Enjoy! I will update soon!

Chapter 1

Game Over

by: Lawli_pop
Matt stared at the screen in front of him. His thumbs flicked at the controller in his hands as he played his new game. It was past midnight, and Mello was still awake and sitting on the couch munching at a bar of dark chocolate while he observed Matt from a distance.
"Aren't you tired?" Matt asked, still staring at the game.
"No." Mello replied. "You?"
"Eh, I'm gettin' there." Matt sighed. He wanted to wait until Mello went to sleep first. Last time he hadn't, Mello had hidden his entire Ps3 system and his 3Ds. He had to beg him for them and play a practical joke on Near (Mello's orders, of course) and then still didn't get his Ds back.
'Game Over' flashed on the TV screen and Matt felt sleep tugging at his eyes. He pressed the restart button and could barely keep his eyes open as he continied to play. Clearly Mello wasn't falling asleep anytime soon. The blonde still sat enjoying his chocolate and watching Matt's video game. Usually he didn't take that much interest in Matt's games, but this time he had something else up his sleve.
Mello felt a smile edge onto his lips as an idea came to mind. Why had he not thought of that before? It was pure genious.
"Hey, Mattie."
"Could I play?"
Matt paused the game and turned arround to face Mello.
Mello wanted to play video games? He had to be up to something.
"Sure." Matt shrugged and set up another controller for Mello. The blonde boy got off the couch and onto the floor beside Matt.
"Here." Matt handed him the controller and selected two-player mode on the screen. Soon the two characters were facing each other. The word "Fight!" came onto the screen and Matt's eyes widened when red flashed across the screen as Mello beat his character mercilessly.
His jaw dopped and he tried to move his character out of Mello's character's reach, failing misreably as loud noises emitted from his controller.
Once again, Game Over flashed across the screen. Matt had never seen Mello play ANY video games. But he was REALLY a pro at this one. "H-how- How'd you DO that, Mells?" He said, unbeleiving.
"Watching you play for long enough, I noticed wherever you messed up and figured out how to work everything. It's really not that hard, actually. And you did pretty well- up until I joined in. I bet you couldn't beat me in real life, either." He bragged.
"Ya think so, huh?" Matt challenged, leaping to his feet to avoid a punch in the stomach.
"Nope. Nobody beats ME." Mello pulled on the chord connecting Matt's controller to the gaming system, tripping Matt. The red-head tumbled to the floor, his goggles flying off across the room. Mello jumped at him, but Matt was back on his feet in a second. He dodged Mello, causing him to land on his stomach, and kicked him in the side.
A playful grin spread across his face when Mello shot him a death glare. Then Mello grabbed both game remotes and twisted them, entangling Matt's legs. Momentarily distracted, Matt looked down. But unfortunately, Mello used this time to get up, quickly wrap the chord around Matt, and pin him to the floor.
Matt, very startled, looked up.
"Game Over." Mello grinned madly.
Matt smiled. "You're truly evil, you know that?"
"I know." Then Mello quickly closed the space between them, locking his lips against Matt's. Matt stiffened beneath the blonde before slowly relaxing his tensed body and closing his eyes, deepening the kiss.
Mello licked Matt's lip and Matt quickly obliged, opening his mouth and allowing Mello's toungue to slip in. Then he realized exactly what position he was in. Tied up... Underneath Mello.... Alone... And it didn't take him long to figure out what Mello had in mind.
Mello slipped off his leather vest and began pulling at Matt's striped shirt, and quickly ridding him of the piece of clothing.
Matt ghasped as he felt Mello's body press against him. He soon felt heat rising in his cheeks when Mello began unbuttoning his jeans.
I REALLY hope we don't wake anyone... Beyond would have a field day... And he'd never let us forget it. Well, with the way things are heading now, I don't imagine I'll be forgetting this anytime soon. Matt thought to himself.
Then Mello threw his own pants across the floor and Matt found himself faced with indeed the BIGGEST problem he had ever encountered.

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