Chapter 2


Okay, so here's who got in. Before you read I'm just gonna say it. Everyone who submitted got in. I'm just writing the characters so that I don't have to look through the comments to see a description. It'll make it easier to have them listed in a chapter I think. So here are your characters:

First up: Pokegirl72
Real Name: Amercyn
Alias: (?)
Power: Emotions control weather
Gender: Female
Equipment (at least one): bow and arrow
Personality: skilled at weapons and quick thinker
Weakness: Bringing her parents into conversation
Affiliation: Hero
General Appearance: Blonde hair, green eyes, attractive to boys
Backstory: Her parents were killed by Raven after trying to protect some of the cures. She grew up in the medical facility and was taken care of the other heroes, they are her family.
Age (12-17): 16

Next: Sugarkart
Real Name: Thasmana (Aka. Mana)
Alias: Mana or Mother Mana
Power: Super strength, enhanced healing factor and No-Injury-Feeling factor (unless seen by her).
Gender: Female
Equipment: Her body is a living weapon, however, she will use a shield, staff, bat, sword or gun if it's handy.
Personality: The Motherly One - kind, protective and passionate.
Weakness: Thasmana is the first one to lay down her life and jump in the way of danger. Her No-Injury-Feeling factor can be both blessing and curse in that if she acquires a mortal wound and sees it before her healing factor can heal it, she may die. As long as she cannot see her wounds, they won't effect her in anyway.
Affiliation: Remex
General Appearance: Mana has the build of a tall, strong woman, slight body-builder; thick, curly fair hair at mid-back length; hazel eyes with spots of emerald green in them; skin is pale-fair with pinkish lips; wears red t-shirt that shapes the top-half of her body, black track pants with a double red stripe down the sides, white sneakers with white socks, 3 bangles on left wrist (red, yellow and orange) and leather band on right.
Backstory: Thasmana was orphaned at birth by unknown reasons. She came to Remex as a simple desk clerk, but was curious of the lab, and so signed up to be a living test subject. She takes all younger kids under her wings and treats them like her own. It is unknown why she is motherly and not much is known of her private life.
Age: 17
Extra: Thasmana prefers to be called 'Mana' - it's easier and cooler~

Next: evybye77
Real Name: Libeay
Alias: Echo
Power: Sound manipulation
Gender: Female
Equipment: Throwing stars, throwing knives
Personality: Outgoing, tries to be funny, very annoying, sweet, rule breaker, aggressive, low self-esteem, tired a lot
Weakness: Love and affection. If anybody shows her the slightest bit of affection, she'll fall to her knees.
Affiliation: Raven
General Appearance: A little above normal weight, but not fat. Her skin is tan from all the time she spends outside in the sun training. 5'2. Her vision is bad, and her glasses are blue and thin-rimmed. Although she wears contacts during the day and her glasses at night. Her hair is a very, very dark shade of brown. She always wears her hair in a ponytail, so nobody knows how long her hair actually is. Her eyes frequently change color from shades of blue-green to gray depending on the weather.She usually wears black tank tops and shorts if the weather is nice. If she has to dress up she will wear floral print or a black dress. She always wears the same camo Vans she's had since she was 12.
Backstory: Her mom got sick because the medicine that they got from Remex was deficient, and eventually she died. Her dad was born a Raven, and taught Libeay how to fight and use her power for evil. Her dad is still alive.
Age: 15

Next: Me! (Squirtle831)
Real Name: Lauji
Alias: Whisper
Power: Blue and Red wisps that fly around Lauji. There are 6 in total, 3 red and 3 blue in a red, blue, red, blue order. Lauji can order the wisps to do whatever she wants including following enemies. The wisps shoot fireballs and are so hot that when water comes near them it automatically evaporates. The fire does not burn Whisper.
Gender: Female
Equipment: A marksman rifle and 2 katars (that have a pistol) she normally carries the marksman rifle on her back and carries the katars in scabards.
Personality: Really shy, only talks in whispers. In teams she is a good follower but not a good leader. She loves animals and won’t leave a fight if animals are in danger until she helps them.
Weakness: Can’t take a lot of pressure.
Affiliation: Raven
General Appearance: Light brown hair that she wears in two long pigtails that go down an inch past her waist, the right one has one neon red stripe going from her head all the way down, same on the other side except the color is neon blue not neon red. She wears a hoodie that’s half neon blue and half neon red, and dark blue sweat pants. She always wears sneakers that are orange with blue stripes. Her wisps always fly around near her back. All of her clothes is fire resistant. She has dark brown eyes.
Backstory: Lauji worked with Remex trying to find out why Lauji wasn’t burned by the wisps. They found a special protein but couldn’t get a sample before Lauji was told what Remex was doing by Aimesm. She decided to stop going and heard about the Ravens who were trying to stop this injustice and take down Remex. She decided to help.
Age: 14

Next: HermionesEVILtwin
Real Name: Miley (seriously, that's an anagram of my real name xD wow)
Alias: Snap
Power: Miley can split atoms. More specifically, she can manipulate the protons and neutrons, moving them around however she wants. This means she can create controlled explosions by stopping the loose neutrons from affecting too many atoms.
Gender: Female
Equipment (at least one): A shock pen (looks like a pen but gives electric shocks), pepper spray, and a voice-mimicking device (it can analyze any voice file recorded on it or uploaded to it, and distort other recordings/live audio to sound like that voice)
Personality: Guarded/reserved, witty, patient, observant, prone to be lost in thought, pessimistic, but really good at provoking people and good with numbers.
Weakness: Bad at reading/understanding people.
Affiliation: Villain (but if there are too many villains, please switch her to hero so things can be balanced out, it doesn't matter which side she's on)
General Appearance: Medium-length black hair, tall, likes stripey shirts, rings under eyes from chronically staying up way too late, dark brown eyes, long face, very pale. Doesn't care about hygiene.
Backstory: Her dad died of cancer when she was nine. Her mom died of cancer when she was fourteen. She's scared of getting cancer now. Her younger brother Devin has the opposite affliation in this story. She had a miraculously good math teacher at school who nurtured her throughout junior/highschool, until she dropped out at 16. She dropped out after discovering her ability. Her brother discovered his ability around the same time (he can reverse gravity within a 5-meter radius) and left.
Age: 17

Finally I'm putting my brother's entry:
Name: Aimesm
Alias: Leech
Power: With a single touch he can drain the victim's life span adding it to his own vitality. (Can't drain life from plants.)
Gender: Male
Equipment: Ivory Revolver with radar.
Personality: Sarcastic and prefers not to lead, he also doesn't like killing innocent people he only wants to destroy the company.
Weakness: Very hesitant to take a human life and he isn't very skilled at hand to hand combat.
Affiliation: Raven
General Appearance: Average height for his age and plain black hair. Has a scrawny build. His villain costume consists of a gray tuxedo with a black tie, hour glass cuff links, and a brass stop watch. He also has a half mask covering the lower part of his face with the picture of the lower half of a skull.
Backstory: Because of his power he was isolated Remex found him with them he had a home, he was experimented on and asked to drain the life of animals. He did it all willingly because he knew it was going to help people. Years later he and Remex found the secret ingredient in the antidote for aging- High fructose corn syrup. After that they dropped him like a piece of brimstone. He soon found out that although the cure was extremely cheap to make they were selling it for thousands. Not only had he been betrayed but everyone was betrayed. He soon met the organization Raven which he joined.
Age: 15

Well, last things last I guess. Is that an expression? Whatever, we will be making a chatzy room where we can tell you about some stuff and talk, so I'll say a time and a date an you say if it works. I'm going with 4:00 Eastern Timezone, June 27 (Of this year). Message me if that doesn't work for you.

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