Runaway (Original Story)

When Wynter runs away from her strict father, her plan was simple. Although her plan wasn't going into plan, she meets up with a nineteen-year-old boy Rin who also claims to be a runaway. Suddenly allied with the boy, Wynter is thrust into survival while being chased by the police fearing to go back to her father.

Along the way, an fatal accident happened that will reveal the truth about the boy that Wynter would never have expected.

Chapter 1


(Ignore the Chapter 1 in the text above. I can't get that off)

The pain was still there after the injection. It soared through him like poison. No matter how many injection-like-painkillers he takes, the pain stayed like a song stuck in his head for minutes - even hours.

"Great job today Rin," says a woman's voice on the other side of the glass. She could see him on her side, but Rin couldn't see her on his side. The glass was cloudy and smokey like the steam fogging up the mirror after a hot shower.

The room turned into a place for the two to chat. There were many things that they have told to each other, but yet many things they haven't.

"Let me know when your rested so I can check your vital signs," the woman spoke trying not to stumble her words.

Rin sighed as he listened to the clumsiness in her voice. As much as he pleased for rest, he didn't. The experiments are finally over. He felt as if he was a slave finally breaking free from the chains. Even if the experiments were over, tests weren't. Rin knew that if he stayed any longer in the laboratory he would go insane.

"Cordelia," Rin calmly spoke. "Saying my true name will get you fired. Start trying to use the name the scientists have given me."

"What subject?" Cordelia stammered. "Why would I call you that?"

"Cause that's what everyone calls me here. It should so well be my name."

"But your not a subject. Your... um..." Cordelia stammered once again before cutting herself off. "Your more than a subject. If you weren't in the experiments you'd be nice, a tad goofy, smart, headstrong and be able to pull off a honest and kind smile."

Rin almost smiled at the female scientist's words, but only if it was him. He's nothing like the characteristics Cordelia pointed out anymore. The torture ruined him to a pile of nothingness. The only feelings he felt and remembered was anger enough to boil water. 'If you weren't in the experiments' her words echoed in his head.

"You've changed a lot in the pass year. It's sad, but I'm surprised that your appearance still stands the same," the female scientist spoke smiling.

"You and your fashion hasn't changed much either," Rin retorted.

"What's up with the color rainbow? I thought it was everyone's favorite fashion!"

"Your fashion?"

"Forget it..." Cordelia mumbled.


They had talked for what seemed like days. He felt calm when she was with him, but the feeling Rin couldn't ignore was anger. Slowly reaching it's boiling point in 3 hours.

'Is the otherside taking me over? Right now? After all these experiments, it decides to take over now?' was his first thought. His second thought was dark, darker then the emptiness in his heart. It was like the thought wasn't his at all. The thought wasn't his at all.

Before realizing what he was doing, he snapped. The boy told her so many things. So many lies, but what hurt most was that some were half true. The scientist was shocked to speechlessness. She didn't say anything, but her tears were like a whisper. The soft hearing of fading footsteps and the whisper of the code for the door hurt him.

Rin wasn't in control. He knew this from the sudden move of his hand that commanded to someone else. A voice was heard, cold and threatening. Even the bravest lions would tremble in fear.

It was him that spoke.

But it wasn't him.

"You've learned better not to put a dragon in a cage, torture it then test it. You will test it, but it will choose its own targets."


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